Dental Injury: Post Treatment Instructions

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Your child was seen in our Dental Clinic by (Doctor’s name) _________________________ for (type of treatment) __________________________________. Possible results of injury to the teeth include: the need for future treatments, possible root canal therapy, or removal of a tooth or teeth. Please follow the instructions checked below:


  • Keep teeth and/or splint clean. Brush gently twice a day.
  • A temporary filling has been put on the injured tooth. Your child should not bite with the tooth that has the temporary filling.
  • Your child may have soft foods only for _____ days. Examples include yogurt, mashed potatoes, soup, gelatin, and pudding. Avoid foods that are very hot or very cold.
  • Do not play contact sports until the doctor or nurse says it is okay.


Give the following medicines as the doctor prescribed:
  • Antibiotic ______________________ _________________________________
  • Mouth rinse _____________________ __________________________________
  • Medicine for pain ________________ _________________________________
  • Other __________________________ __________________________________

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments for injured teeth are very important. We may not know the outcome of the injury for several months or even years. Even if a tooth does not hurt after the injury, it still needs to be checked. If injured teeth are not checked, the teeth may be damaged permanently or lost. Please contact your private dentist or the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic to schedule a dental trauma follow-up appointment:

When to Call Us

Call the Dental Clinic if any of these things happen:
  • Swelling around the tooth.
  • There is an “off” color or an abscess (a “bump” on the gums) around the sore tooth.
  • The splint comes loose.
  • The temporary filling comes loose or comes off.
  • Your child has a lot of bleeding or pain.
Call the Dental Clinic at (614) 722-5650 or the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Emergency Department at (614) 722-4300.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Dental Clinic at (614) 722-5650.
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