Your Guide to Respiratory Season

It’s that time of year for tissues, sniffles and sore throats. Fall brings colds, flu and respiratory ailments that spread quickly at home, school and work. Find the information you need about seasonal bugs right here at your fingertips. Nationwide Children’s is just a click or call away.

Your guide to seasonal illnesses

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Flu shots (vaccines) can help prevent the flu or keep you and your child from getting bad cases of flu. Talk to your doctor about the flu shot.

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The first signs of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) may seem like a cold. RSV can be very serious for infants and elderly adults.

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The common cold is caused by a virus (germ). Since the cold is a virus, antibiotics will not help. Good hand washing is important to help stop germs from spreading.

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From strep throat and fevers to other seasonal illnesses, remember that washing hands well, and often, with soap and water is a very important way to help protect your child this season.

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