Urgent Care Locations

Walk-ins are welcome. 

Dr. Mike, Urgent Care Physician, Standing in Hallway

How do we get the Urgent Care Wait Time?

Urgent Care wait times are an estimate of the time it will take for your child to see the doctor after checking into the Urgent Care.

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

ED vs. Urgent Care

Urgent Care? Emergency Department? These guidelines can help you better understand when to seek appropriate care for your child. If you think your child has a medical emergency or life-threatening condition, always call 911.

Your Urgent Care Visit Just got Easier.

Use Save My Place to let us know your child needs to be seen at our Urgent Care center. We’ll save your place in line by giving you an arrival time.

Save My Place saves time in registration and in our waiting room. And, you can Save My Place before our center opens!

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