Ear, Nose and Throat Services (Otolaryngology)

Treating Common to Complex Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

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Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology) Services

Ear infections? Snoring? Recurring sore throat? From the most common ear, nose and throat disorders to complex problems that require unique expertise, the ENT team at Nationwide Children’s is specially trained to treat kids, and only kids.

Annually, we have more than 25,000 office visits and over 7,000 surgical procedures.

Our Locations

We serve our patients at seven locations in Columbus and the surrounding communities. In addition to our clinic locations, the Westerville Surgery Center offers select outpatient surgeries in a convenient, pediatric-friendly environment.

In order to meet the needs of our patient families we offer evening and Saturday morning clinics. For more information call (614) 722-6200, or click here to request an appointment online.

Main Campus

Main Campus

Lewis Center Close To Home Center with Emergency Department

Lewis Center

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Westerville Surgery Center

Westerville Surgery Center

Ohio Pediatric Care Alliance

Ohio Pediatric Care Alliance

Our Team

The ENT team at Nationwide Children’s is specially trained to treat kids, and only kids.

Specialized Programs

In order to meet the needs of our patients with unique needs, we have established specialized programs that utilize the distinct expertise of a multi-disciplinary team, specifically trained in those disorders.
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Aerodigestive Disorders Clinic

The Aerodigestive Disorders Clinic offers a coordinated team approach to care for children with chronic and complex disorders of the upper airway (pharynx and larynx), the lower airway (trachea, bronchi and lungs) and upper digestive tract (esophagus and stomach).

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Hearing Program

The Hearing Program offers a team approach to supporting patients and families navigating their hearing loss journey. Our mission is to provide evidence-based hearing and language care and lead advancements in research, education and training so all children can achieve their full potential.

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Rhinology Clinic

Our Rhinology Clinic brings together specialists in ENT and Allergy and Immunology to treat specific nasal conditions in children of all ages.

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Salivary Gland Disorders Clinic

Excessive drooling can be a problem both medically and socially for children with complex medical issues. The Salivary Gland Disorders Clinic provides a comprehensive approach to evaluation and surgical management for these disorders when the drooling has not responded to treatment.

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Voice and Swallowing Disorder Clinic

Our clinic provides evaluation for children with voice and swallowing difficulties. We also address concerns of paradoxical vocal cord dysfunction. The collaborative team - including specialists in ENT and speech-language pathologists - works together to diagnose and treat patients.

Family Resources

Physician checking on child's ear before ear tube removal.

Ear, Nose & Throat Blog Library

The 700 Children’s blog covers the most common topics, frequently asked questions and current pediatric health care information written by pediatric experts. Our ENT specialists cover the latest from ear infections to noisy snoring to surgeries.  

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Ear, Nose and Throat Video Library

Learn more about what to expect during common procedures like ear tube surgery, meet members of the ENT team and hear from families who have received care from Nationwide Children’s.

Online Second Opinions

Dr. Armstrong

Online Second Opinions

Our team is proud to offer online second opinions for patients everywhere. If you are currently receiving care at another institution and would like a second opinion from experts at Nationwide Children’s, please visit our Online Second Opinion Program.

Conditions We Treat

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Ear, Nose and Throat News

Arjun S
Patient Story

Meet Our Patients

Arjun was born with moderate to severe hearing loss in his left ear and his parents feared that he could not hear them singing or talking to him. By the time Arjun was three months old, he required a hearing aid for his left ear. When he was two, his right ear was also fitted with a hearing aid.