Salivary Gland Disorders Clinic

Excessive drooling can be a problem both medically and socially for children with complex medical issues. Our Salivary Gland Disorders Clinic provides a comprehensive approach to evaluation and surgical management for these disorders when the drooling has not responded to treatment. Our team, led by Jonathan M. Grischkan, MD, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Nationwide Children’s, works closely with each family to determine the best treatment plan for their child. Surgical treatment options are available depending on the specific cause of the excessive drooling, resulting in decreased drooling and increased oral health.

In addition to excessive drooling, multiple disorders of the salivary glands can afflict children and can be troublesome. Our surgical team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has expertise and technology to allow for innovative treatment of chronic salivary gland disorders including recurrent salivary gland infections and salivary gland duct obstruction due to stones or narrowing. Our team also has expertise in pediatric salivary gland tumors and their surgical management.

Salivary Gland Disorders Scheduling and Referrals