Online Second Opinions Providing clarity, support, and expertise for the most complex pediatric conditions.

Online Second Opinions

Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers online second opinions for select specialties, providing families with valuable feedback on their child’s current diagnosis, treatment plan and clinical trial options.

As a global destination for pediatric care, we’re proud to offer the same level of expertise and evaluation to patients around the United States. Our multidisciplinary teams work together to provide a comprehensive, individualized report for each child.

US News 2023-2023
US News 2023-2023
Why Nationwide Childrens

Why Choose Nationwide Children’s for Online Second Opinions

  • Specialized Care - Experts who understand the specific diagnosis or treatment plan.
  • Experience and Reach – Nationwide Children’s had more than 1.7 million patients visits in 2022, with patients coming from all 50 states and from 45 different countries around the work. We are America’s second largest children’s hospital.
  • A team of doctors from different specialties (multidisciplinary care) - A team of health care specialists who can discuss the best plan for your child together.
  • Nationally Ranked Experts: Our cancer team is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top hospitals in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online second opinion?

An online second opinion provides a person with a medical opinion from a physician without having to be seen in person. Based on a review of medical records and test results, a physician submits a recommended treatment plan directly to the patient and their established physician.

The written guidance can be used as part of the current care plan and can also answer specific questions or offer advice on other treatment options, which could differ from the patient’s current plan.

An online second opinion is different from a telehealth appointment. Telehealth appointments typically use video conferencing tools. With an online second opinion, the provider reviews the medical records and answers questions through a written report rather than video conferencing.

Why should I consider an online second opinion for my child?

Online second opinions allow parents to receive expert medical advice without the commitment and investment of traveling to another state or across the country for in-person care. An online second opinion can help parents make informed and confident decisions about their child’s care, while also learning about new treatment options or clinical trials. In some situations, it may result in a change in the original diagnosis. 

Online second opinions can provide peace of mind when receiving confirmation of the current care plan, or offer other options to consider. 

When should an online second opinion be considered?

  • When a more specific answer (diagnosis) is needed
  • For children with complex, life-threatening condition
  • To allow exploration of other (alternative) treatment options like clinical trials and advanced surgical options
  • When the established care team has no other treatment options available
  • When a child’s condition is getting worse or is not improving

Can anyone request an online second opinion?
We currently offer online second opinions for Neuro-Oncology and Neurosurgery.

What should I expect after my request is submitted?
We work with Purview, our trusted partner for safe and efficient transfer of medical information for online second opinions.

Once you request an online second opinion, an expert team member from Nationwide Children’s will review your information. The team may reach out to learn about your child’s specific situation and determine the best next steps, including discussing any potential fees associated with the request.