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Posted by: Tabi Evans, PsyD on Sep 23, 2021

No matter your age, you cannot deny that social media and its accompanying array of photo filters have fully integrated into modern popular culture. Filters can be fun, creative, and can make us laugh! However, there are a few “red flags” to be aware of when engaging with photo filters.

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Wrestling and Skin Conditions: Symptoms and Prevention

Sep 16, 2021

The sport of wrestling requires close skin-to-skin contact between opponents. This close contact means there is a high possibility of catching or spreading a variety of skin conditions ranging from ringworm, one of the most common, to impetigo and even MRSA. Read More

teen sitting with hands folded

How People-First Language Helps Children with Incarcerated Family Members

Sep 14, 2021

According to a report of the National Survey on Children’s Health, 1 in 14 youth in the U.S. will have an incarcerated parent at some point during their childhood. This means you or your family probably know a child with an incarcerated parent. Read More

Understanding Why Kids Die by Suicide

Understanding Why Kids Die by Suicide

Sep 09, 2021

The number of kids aged 5 to 11 in the United States who have died by suicide in recent years has increased significantly. Researchers in our Center for Suicide Prevention and Research determined that if we’re going to impact the suicide rate of children in this age group, we must first understand if there are common themes for why children are dying by suicide. 
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Self Care for Parents and Caregivers

Self-Care for Parents and Caregivers

Sep 07, 2021

Just like children, adults have needs too. Sometimes taking time out from the everyday stressors of life, work, financial responsibilities, and even our children is very necessary. While some caregivers feel as though prioritizing self-care is selfish, it makes you a better parent. Read More

The Red Poop Challenge

Intestinal Transit Time: The Red Poop Challenge

Sep 02, 2021

What can your poop tell you about the tiny bacteria that live inside your intestines? Quite a bit! Researchers in London recently found a way to figure out intestinal transit time, or how long it takes for you to ingest something, absorb the nutrients and then for it to leave your body as poop.
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Blog Functional Movement Disorder

Functional Movement Disorder: What Is It and Why Are Cases on the Rise?

Aug 31, 2021

Health care providers are seeing an interesting trend as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Functional movement disorder is on the rise in teenagers. The cause? Some experts say screen time habits may play a part, but more research is needed to determine the exact reason. Read More

baby in NICU.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis: What You Need to Know

Aug 26, 2021

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a disease of the intestines that most commonly affects premature babies. It is characterized by excessive inflammation of the intestines that can lead to intestinal damage and death. Read More

Adult using a drill in the wall.

Furniture Tip-Overs: Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

Aug 24, 2021

In 2019, 11,521 children visited the emergency department for injuries from furniture or TV tip-overs. That’s one child every 46 minutes. When children climb on desks, cabinets, or bookshelves, the furniture can tip over and hurt them. Read More