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Posted by: Ari Rabkin, PhD on Jun 13, 2019

Most parents don’t stop worrying about their child after they turn 18. For parents of young adults with lifelong medical conditions and cognitive or learning disorders, there is an added worry of whether their child can be their own advocate.

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700 Children’s features the most current pediatric health care information and research from our pediatric experts – physicians and specialists who have seen it all. Many of them are parents and bring a special understanding to what our patients and families experience. If you have a child – or care for a child – 700 Children’s was created especially for you.

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7 Ways to Help Your Kids Maintain Structure This Summer

Jun 04, 2019

For a lot of children, summer means no school, warm weather and staying up late. While we want summer to be a time for our kids to relax and enjoy themselves, we also know that children strive and feel most safe when there is a sense of routine to their every day. Read More

Children Can Get Pancreatitis

Can Children Get Pancreatitis?

May 30, 2019

Until quite recently, pancreatitis was thought to be almost exclusively a disease of adults and most frequently associated with alcohol abuse. However, pancreatitis occurs in all age groups, even infants. Read More

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DIY? Homemade Sunscreen May Not Be as Safe as Parents Think

May 21, 2019

When it comes to sunscreen, many parents want to use natural, organic, vegan or homemade products. But, when it comes to protecting your kids’ skin, it’s important to use regulated, commercially available sunscreen. Read More

When Should Your Child Visit Urgent Care vs. the Emergency Department

Urgent Care or Emergency Department for Childhood Injuries?

May 16, 2019

As the weather warms and kids head outdoors, the chance for injury rises. Where should families seek help when accidents occur? The answer depends on the nature of your child’s injury and the services offered in your community. Read More

Dispelling Allergy Myths with Social Media

Dispelling Medical Myths with Social Media

May 14, 2019

As a pediatric allergist, I meet families from all types of backgrounds who share concerns about common childhood conditions such as asthma, environmental allergies, food allergies and eczema. These topics generate quite a few questions from primary care colleagues and other specialists. Read More

Supporting Children's Mental Health

How to Support Children’s Mental Health

May 09, 2019

In recognition of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 9, here are a few tips for parents and caregivers – and other adults who can help support the children around them. Read More