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Posted by: Ashlee Hall on Jan 20, 2022

With preparation and practice, you can set up your family’s morning routine to go more smoothly and help your child to become more independent.

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700 Children’s® features the most current pediatric health care information and research from our pediatric experts – physicians and specialists who have seen it all. Many of them are parents and bring a special understanding to what our patients and families experience. If you have a child – or care for a child – 700 Children’s was created especially for you.

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pregnant mom holding her belly.

What Pregnant Moms Can Do to Keep Baby Healthy

Jan 11, 2022

Since more than half of pregnancies are unplanned, people who were assigned female at birth and are of reproductive age should take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day to help decrease the risk of neural tube defects. Read More

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Prenatal Genetic Testing: Is It Right for You?

Jan 10, 2022

Prenatal genetic testing can help find out if a fetus has a chromosome disorder. Chromosome disorders are often associated with multiple medical problems, such as intellectual disability and birth defects. Read More

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Tips and Tricks for Swallowing Pills and Liquid Medications

Jan 06, 2022

We know that taking medication can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions that our Child Life Specialists have found to be helpful for both pills and liquid medication. Read More

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Is It Safe to Eat Yellow (Or Any) Snow?

Jan 04, 2022

One of the only things better than waking up to find the outdoors covered with a beautiful blanket of new-fallen snow is getting to go out and play in the white fluffy stuff. Sometimes it looks good enough to eat! But is that safe? Read More

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Transitioning from Crib to Toddler Bed

Dec 30, 2021

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends transitioning a child out of a crib and into a toddler bed once the crib railing is lower than their chest. At that height, children are more easily able to climb out of the crib, which can lead to injury. Read More

Child sitting in a doctor's office wearing a face mask.

Returning to School After Concussion

Dec 28, 2021

If your child has a concussion, you should ask the healthcare provider managing your child’s concussion to provide clear guidance on when your child can safely return-to-school following their injury. Read More

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Why Does My Child Have Stinky Pee?

Dec 23, 2021

Most people know what “normal” pee smells like, but what happens if your child goes pee and it doesn’t smell normal to you? This is not as uncommon as you may think. Below are the most common reasons for abnormal urine odors. Read More

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How to Teach Your Kids to Be Anti-Racist

Dec 21, 2021

Making sure our children learn respect, fairness, and kindness for everyone, regardless of their appearance, ability or background, helps them become anti-racist. Read More