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Posted by: Mike Patrick, MD on May 16, 2019

As the weather warms and kids head outdoors, the chance for injury rises. Where should families seek help when accidents occur? The answer depends on the nature of your child’s injury and the services offered in your community.

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Little girl sick in bed with mom at bedside.

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Jan 23, 2018

Adenovirus infections peak in winter and spring; but unlike the flu, they remain common throughout the year. These viruses cause about 10 percent of all childhood fevers, and nearly every child has had at least one adenovirus infection by 10 years of age. Read More

Urgent Care or Emergency Department: Which One Is Right for Your Child's Needs?

Jun 12, 2017

Not so long ago, parents had two choices for after-hours medical care: wait for the doctor’s office to open or head to the local emergency room. Today’s parent has more choices, including urgent care centers, grocery store clinics and the newest player in town – the stand-alone ER. Read More

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Jan 24, 2017

What causes croup? What other symptoms are present? How do we treat croup, and can it be prevented? Let’s take a closer look. Read More

How to Be Prepared for Cold Weather Emergencies

Jan 05, 2017

When the weather turns frigid, it is important to remember how to protect your family from dangerous temperatures and wind chills. Here are a few reminders to keep them safe. If you’re traveling in a car make sure you have the right clothing. Read More

No Poo in the Pool! Tips for Safe Enjoyment of the Water

Aug 02, 2016

Millions of families are dreaming of ways to beat the heat with trips to the beach, lake, pool or waterpark – this can be a fun and safe way to cool off. However, you might not be thinking about the germs often found in even the cleanest recreational water spaces. Read More

Cicadas: They're Baaack!

Jun 01, 2016

I am not an insect expert, but as the mom of three boys, I have had a bit of insect experience. We have raised caterpillars into butterflies, we had a ladybug infestation, and who could forget the time my youngest ate a grub while my husband was “watching” him. Read More

Cough Talk: What Does All That Hacking Mean?

Jan 07, 2016

Right now, there is probably at least one person in your household that has a cough. Coughs are often associated with the common cold and there’s little you can do, other than try to ease the symptoms. Read More

Bug Off! Bug Repellent Tips

Aug 20, 2015

Bzzzzzzzz. Smack. Ouch! Isn’t bug season almost over already? Unfortunately, some of the season’s biggest pests aren’t about to go on break until it gets much cooler. Read More