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Access asthma resources, NICU family resources, videos and more.

Resource Books

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Asthma Program Resources

Nationwide Children's Hospital has developed an Asthma Booklet titled, "Tell Me About... Asthma". The resources from this booklet can be found in this section of the site. You can also download the full booklet.

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Allergy and Asthma Resources

Check out some tips and resources about managing your allergies and asthma.

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Your Guide to Congenital Heart Defects

Your baby has been prenatally diagnosed with a heart condition and will require services at Nationwide Children’s. Our goal is to provide you with the information and care you need to prepare for the birth of your baby.

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Managing Your Diabetes Resource Book

Our goal is to ensure people with diabetes and their families have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about how to live life with diabetes. This book serves as a resource and guide for you.

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NICU Resources

NICU Parent: You are the most important person in baby's life.  That's why we have compiled a list of resources for you to use both during your baby hospital stay and at home.

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Your Guide to Single Ventricle Heart Defects

Your baby has been prenatally diagnosed with a single ventricle heart condition and will require services at Nationwide Children’s. Our expert team of fetal medicine specialists is here to guide and support you each step of the way.

Additional Resources

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Hitting Harms, Hugging Helps

Hospital visits can feel stressful. Here are tips to help when you or your child are running out of patience. When patience wears out, please remember hitting harms, hugging helps.

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How to Use An EpiPen

Knowing how to use an EpiPen is important. Doctors are seeing more and more children with allergies, especially food allergies. EpiPens deliver medicine quickly and effectively. No child has ever had serious problems from a standard dose of epinephrine when using an EpiPen.

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Motivation Minute Videos

From eating a healthy breakfast to packing a healthy lunch and more, the Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition shares information on healthy eating, tips and advice in our Motivation Minute video series.

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Safety for All Seasons

Kohl’s Cares® Safety for All Seasons is a year-round educational initiative that promotes safety and the prevention of the most common injuries for kids.

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Grocery Store Video Guides to Healthy Eating

Watch these videos to learn more about good nutrition, healthy eating and grocery store tips for your family.