Well Baby Visits: What to Expect

Congrats on your new baby! It's important for your baby to get regular checkups when they feel well in addition to when they are sick. We call these checkups well visits.

 From shots and nutrition to developmental milestones and safety, learn what to expect at your baby's first well visits. 

Well Baby Visits: Newborn, 1 Month and 2 Months

Congratulations on your new baby! Having a child is a large responsibility and can be a lot of work. At times it can seem overwhelming. Learn what to expect at your baby's newborn, 1 month and 2 month well visits.

Well-Baby Visits: 4 Months and 6 Months

Learn what to expect at your baby's 4 and 6 month well visit appointments.

Well-Baby Visits: 9 Months

Learn what to expect at baby's 9 month well visit.

Well-Baby Visits: 12 Months

Welcome to the 12-month visit! Your baby is now 1 year old. Learn what to expect at this visit.

Well-Baby Visits: 15 Months and 18 Months

Your child is one and a half years old! Your child is learning to become more independent, and will want to do things on his or her own.