Health Numeracy: Understanding Numbers in Health

Check out these videos for some explanations of commonly encountered numbers in health

Body Mass Index

Remember that body mass index(BMI) is just one measure your health care provider uses to track healthy growth and development


Quick Tips

Some tips for reading graphs

  1. Look for the title of the graph to understand what the graph is displaying
  2. Look at the x-axis(or the horizontal part of the graph) and then at the y-axis(or the vertical part of the graph) for labels that tell you what each axis displays and what the scales are for each.
  3. Look for a key or legend with the graph that can give you more information about the colors or shapes that the graph uses to display information.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure could be related to other health problems later in life. Eating foods, like fruits and vegetables, and staying active can help decrease the risk of high blood pressure.

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