Lawyers for Kids

Do you need legal help? We have an attorney here for you. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital can provide patients free legal help through Lawyers for Kids (LFK).

Patients can meet with LFK attorneys to receive free and confidential legal help on issues affecting their health and well-being, including:

  • Benefits: Medicaid, food stamps, OWF, SSI/SSD, child care, unemployment
  • Housing: bugs, mold, lead, broken appliances, electrical/plumbing/heating/water, eviction, foreclosure
  • Family issues: divorce, child support, custody, domestic violence
  • Debt: bankruptcy, collections, tax or IRS notices
  • Education: suspension/expulsion, truancy, special education rights, IEP
  • Legal Barriers: preventing employment and/or housing, expungements
  • Guardianship

Please speak to your doctor, nurse or social worker for more information.