Nationwide Children’s continuously works to identify potential gaps in the care we provide and the research we do to improve the care we provide to the diverse patient populations we serve, and goes on to examine if our interventions to address them are successful.

Type 1 Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Equity Improvement

What Is the Project and Why Is It Important?

  • CGM devices are ways to monitor blood glucose status closely on patients with diabetes, with measurements every 5 minutes, as well as a trend prediction for the next 30 minutes.
  • Parents don’t have to stick their children to check blood glucose levels. 
  • Patients and families can sleep better knowing the device will alarm if blood glucose is low or high.
  • Patients can attain better glucose control with use.

How Are We Doing?

We have improved the CGM disparity ratio from 0.7 Black patients with a CGM for each White patient to a 1:1 ratio. Our goal is to maintain this 1:1 ratio.

Chart depicting Type 1 diabetes patients CGM disparity between black and white populations 

What Are We Doing to Improve?

  • We encourage and work with our families to get and keep the device
  • We educate and facilitate optimal use of the device
  • We address and remove barriers to getting, maintaining and using the device

How Can Patients and Families Help?

  • Regularly use the device and data it provides to maximum benefit