Patient and Family Centered Care

When your child comes to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we welcome you and your family, too.

It’s good for our young patients to keep their families close. Having you near gives them strength and comfort. It makes them feel better. It can even help them heal better. That’s why we treat you like a member of our health care team.

We value your thoughts and ideas about their treatment plan. You can share your family beliefs, customs and way of life so we know what your family needs and wants. Tell us all the special things about your child — how we should explain things so they understand, what they like and don’t like, and what they plan to do once they go home.

That’s what we mean by patient and family-centered care. It guides everyone in our organization, as we work together to satisfy the emotional, spiritual, social and medical needs of our patients. 

You can rest assured that… 

You will always know and understand what is happening with your child.

Really good communication is at the heart of patient and family-centered care. We share information with you, your child, your family members — even your community groups, schools, other health care agencies and specialists. Everyone who is important to your child’s improvement will get the information they need. You can help us do that.

We have what you need to be comfortable here.

Hospitals are busy, noisy places. To reduce stress and worry, you need a place of calm and comfort. So we designed our hospital spaces so families can be with children in privacy and comfort according to their needs. In fact, the parents and grandparents of children treated at Nationwide Children’s told us exactly how to create a feeling of home where you have everything you need to relax, play and be together whenever it’s possible.

Families are treated with respect.

You are never “in the way,” even when we look busy. If you have a question, we will answer it. Everyone at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is responsible for caring for your child — and for you. We all understand the stress you feel when your child is here for care. And we all strive to be professional, respectful and helpful — with you on our team, we can make sure your child’s needs are being met.

If you need to speak with someone, please call our patient and family relations department at: (614) 722-6593


Family Advisory Council at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council acts as an advisory committee to ensure that the needs of children and families are met by providing a vehicle of communication for cooperative efforts between the families and the entire staff. Learn more about our responsibilities, membership and contact information.

Children's Hospital Advisory Teens

Children’s Hospital Advisory Teens (CHAT) serves as an advisory group providing opportunities for teens to share opinions and make recommendations related to hospital programs and care they receive.

Family as Faculty

Through their personal narratives and presentations, Family as Faculty members strive to help physicians and staff gain a deeper understanding of patient and family centered care along with the unique family experience, both inside and outside the hospital.

Neonatal Network Family Advisory Council

The purpose of the Neonatal Network Family Advisory Council (NNFAC) is to foster vital connections between staff and families in order to help strengthen the family unit through advocacy, and empowering families to nurture and support their child’s development.

Staff Recognition


Partners in Care, Partners in Hope

The Family Advisory Council at Nationwide Children's Hospital is proud to award an annual recognition for excellence in family-centered care. Learn more about the award and the most recent recipient. 

Service From the Heart Award

Nominate a Nationwide Children's Hospital staff member for the Service from the Heart Award.

Daisy Award

Nationwide Children’s Hospital staff, as well as patients and families, can nominate an extraordinary nurse.

Staff eCard Program

If you want to express your appreciation to an employee, you can (and are encouraged). Through our eCard program, you can recognize our staff for doing the right thing.

PHIL Award

The PHIL Award (Pulmonary Health and Illnesses of the Lungs) was established by The FACES Foundation to recognize outstanding respiratory therapists who provide care and treatment for patients with respiratory illnesses.

Family Resources

Patient and Family Relations

We hope to make every child’s and family’s stay at Nationwide Children’s Hospital a comfortable one. Learn what our patient relations can do for you.

Family Health Information Center

The Family Health Information Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital is a consumer health library containing a multimedia collection of books, journals, pamphlets, videos/DVDs and databases.

Family Centered Rounds

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we are committed to partnering with our families and making decisions as one team to provide the best possible care for their children. Through this commitment, we have established the practice of Family Centered Rounds.

Family Resource Center

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center was designed by families and professionals to support patients and families during their time at Nationwide Children's Hospital, both inpatient and outpatient.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Patient Stock Photo

Connecting Families

Do you feel like nobody understands what you're going through after your child's diagnosis? Nationwide Children's Hospital's Connecting Families program can match you with a peer who has gone through what you are going though. Learn more and apply here.

Daisy Award Patient/Family Nomination Form

Do you work with an exceptional nurse here at Nationwide Children's Hospital? Tell us about him or her! This form is for patients and families.