Family Advisory Council

Family Advisory Council at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Council is a hospital committee that was initiated in 1998.  The council is a key component of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s institution-wide effort to provide patient and family-centered care and improve customer service. 

The Family Advisory Council acts as an advisory committee to ensure that the needs of children and families are met by providing a vehicle of communication for cooperative efforts between the families and the entire staff.


  • Provide a vital link between Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the community.
  • Provide input and feedback on delivery of services for children and their families.
  • Provide input regarding program development.
  • Assist in promoting good relationships between Nationwide Children’s Hospital and members of the community.
  • Promote understanding of the services and policies of Nationwide Children’s Hospital among parent groups and parents or guardians of patients.
  • Review issues and concerns referred to the Family Advisory Council and provide recommendations to the hospital.
  • Educate families in health care issues.
  • Educate staff in family care issues.
  • Advocate in the community for policies and programs to promote children’s health.
  • Assist in the planning of new facilities and services as requested by Nationwide Children’s Hospital administration.


Council members include family members who have had (or may potentially have) experiences with any of Nationwide Children's Hospital services or programs.  Members may be parents, grandparents, or guardians of a child who has (in most cases) used services of Nationwide Children's within recent years.  Members may also be teen (minimum age 16 years) and adults who have received services from Nationwide Children's in recent years.  Family members with varied backgrounds and health care experiences are involved. The Council also includes hospital administrators as well as selected staff members. 

Council members must have the ability to serve, which includes the ability to attend regular meetings, serve on committees, and participate in occasional special projects.  Family and staff members will normally be appointed for a two-year term.

Partners in Care, Partners in Hope

Family Advisory Council’s Award of Excellence in Patient and Family-Centered Care

The Family Advisory Council at Nationwide Children's Hospital is proud to award an annual recognition for excellence in patient and family-centered care. Learn more about this year's award winner.

Contact Us

Our approach to family-centered care ensures family members are considered part of the health care team and we are always looking to recruit interested family members to join us. If you are interested, consider filling out the application and feel free to contact Laura Rohde or Toyetta Barnard-Kirk for additional information or questions.

Working with Family Advisors

Are you a staff member looking to include a family advisory council member on your committee or team? Family advisors are eager to provide a parent’s point of view to strengthen your project or work group. By adding a family advisor to your team/group, you are ensuring the outcomes support our patient and family centered care efforts.

  • Present your project to the Family Advisory Committee during their regularly scheduled meetings for the benefit of family feedback. Email Laura Rohde or Toyetta Barnard-Kirk for a list of upcoming dates and times.
  • Invite a family advisory council member to join your project or work group. Each member is familiar with how to contribute to staff committees and represent the parent’s point of view. Email Laura Rohde or Toyetta Barnard-Kirk with information on your work group as well as the meeting times.