Connecting Families

Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program

When your child has a chronic health condition or a new complex medical diagnosis, it may feel like you’re all alone. Have you ever just wanted to talk to another family who has been through something similar? To talk with someone who also has a child diagnosed with epilepsy or a heart condition? To connect with another parent whose child has a feeding tube or uses supplemental oxygen?

Our family-to-family program can carefully match you to an experienced peer to help guide you through your child’s diagnosis, treatment or surgery. This one-to-one relationship offers emotional support and provides the opportunity for you to ask questions of someone who is uniquely familiar with having a child with healthcare concerns.

For many families of children with medical needs, the ability to talk with another parent/guardian or adult patient who has been through something similar can be a great source of comfort. The peer mentors’ role is to listen to your family’s story, to provide wisdom, to normalize your feelings and concerns, and to guide you through the hospital system as someone with experiential knowledge.  

Our trained volunteer mentors can contact you in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you. They can call you, send you an email, or meet you at the hospital or in the community.

Every family deserves the opportunity to connect with someone who has walked a similar path.

If you would like to be connected with a mentor, please fill out the mentee application here. Or, if you are interested in becoming a Connecting Families mentor, please fill out the application here. To request a mentor, you must complete the release of information form. If you have questions or just want more information, please email us at:

“There is remarkable hope and strength gained from developing a sense of connection and community with someone whose trials may be similar to your own.” – Parent Mentor 

To learn more about Connecting Families or to share more information about the program, including QR codes for the forms, download the brochure.