Family Centered Rounds

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we are committed to partnering with our families and making decisions as one team to provide the best possible care for their children. Through this commitment, we have established the practice of Family Centered Rounds.

Each day, families, health professionals, residents and students will meet together to review a child’s progress and medications, as well as discussing their plan of care for the day.

Using this model, we are able to answer the questions and hear the comments and concerns of parents while providing them with open and honest communication. It also provides an interactive teaching model for both residents and students, all while working to establish a unified care plan.

How Family Centered Rounds Work

  • First a child’s care team is determined. This team may include:
    • Patient
    • Family
    • Attending Physician
    • Fellow
    • Residents
    • Interns
    • Medical Students
    • Nurses
    • Nurse Practitioners
  • Other health professionals that may be involved in a child’s care (surgeon, specialist, pharmacist, dietitian, social worker, etc.)
  • The team will meet daily to discuss a unified care plan for the child.
  • Discussions will take place inside the child’s room or just outside the door where caregivers will be invited to take part and ask questions.
  • The team will have a computer on wheels to enter medical orders and discharge information discussed during rounds.

Why are Family Centered Rounds important?

  1. Recognize families as the focus of the care plan by giving them the opportunity to directly communicate with our staff
  2. Improve the care of children
  3. Increase education opportunities for both families and clinical staff
  4. Improve Health Care team function, dynamics and performance through common efforts
  5. Help provide families with the best possible experience at Nationwide Children’s Hospital