Partners in Care, Partners in Hope

The Family Advisory Council at Nationwide Children's Hospital is proud to award an annual recognition for excellence in family-centered care. This award is presented to an employee, health care provider or department of Nationwide Children's in recognition of their outstanding achievement in care that reflects excellence in the core concepts of family-centered care. Patients and/or family members of patients who have been treated at Nationwide Children’s are invited to submit nominations.

The deadline for nominations is typically each December.Nominate a standout staff member or team now! See award concepts and criteria below.

2019 Award Recipient – Dr. V. Rama Jayanthi

Dr. Jayanthi and Tim Robinson holding up a picture

Dr. Jayanthi and CEO Tim Robinson


"Our care from Dr. Jayanthi came before our son came home. We had 'matched' with him during our long adoption process and had sent his medical records to the Adoption Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Dr. Chandrawarkar, knowing she was seeing something unique, connected us with Dr. Jayanthi. We were afraid of what we were reading on paper. We didn't know what the future meant for this little three-year-old that desperately needed a family. All we knew is that we loved the little boy that we met for a few short hours when we flew to India on a day's notice. But how we would care for him? Dr. Jayanthi met with us and laid it all out. He was honest, because of how unique our (now) son's condition was, we would be paving a new way for our son and that there were no certainties. He referenced evidence based research, which as a APRN I appreciated greatly. He spoke to the emotional well-being of our son, not just the physical and functional. At the end of our conversation he shared that he had immigrated from the same city and at the same age as this little boy was going to. It was only then that my husband and I were confident that we were where we needed to be and that this little boy, with the huge brown eyes (and eyelashes that I was envious of), belonged with us. Once home, Dr. Jayanthi continued to be a kind, compassionate, and holistic provider. Dr. Jayanthi advised that we should delay doing major operations until we had bonded with our son and he grew accustomed to his new life here. When we had to seriously delay treatment, due to my husband having minor CHD surgery and my education, he was kind and compassionate to our family as a whole. He has a bedside manner like I've never seen (as a patient or a provider). He respects me as an APRN, but is complete in his education and is sensitive to the fact that my husband is not in the medical field. He connects with our son by looking in his eyes, getting on his level, and occasionally speaking Telugu to him. On his first birthday with us, our son suddenly developed a kidney infection. Even though he was not the doctor on-call, he called the Nationwide Children's urgent care nearest to us and gave them detailed directions as to how to examine and treat him. Now that we've begun our operation journey, he continues to be honest and compassionate about the uncertain road forward. He is careful not to overwhelm our son with unnecessary exams and always asks if it's alright for other doctors or NPs to join him. With Dr. Jayanthi and the team he has formed for our son (We love you Dr. Richard Wood!) we feel confident that our son's care will be holistic, evidence based, loving, and patient-based. It is this kind of care that gives us the confidence to be the parents that our son deserves. Now our son has a shot at living a life that so many of us take for granted. Our son's condition may be one in thirty million (estimated), but Dr. Jayanthi is a one of a kind provider and person! We are so blessed by his care, as we are sure all of his patients are. I wish I could share our photo of him with our son! You can see the love for his patient in his face!"

– Heather and John Bruns

Core Concepts and Criteria by Which Nominees Are Judged

  • Dignity and Respect  – Health care practitioners listen to and honor patient and family perspectives and choices. Patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds are incorporated into the planning and delivery of care.
  • Information Sharing – Health care practitioners communicate and share complete and unbiased information with patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful. Patients and families receive timely, complete, and accurate information in order to effectively participate in care and decision-making.
  • Participation – Patients and families are encouraged and supported in participating in care and decision-making at the level they choose.
  • Collaboration – Patients and families are also included on an institution-wide basis. Health care leaders collaborate with patients and families in policy and program development, implementation, and evaluation: in health care facility design; and in professional education, as well as in the delivery of care.

Partners in Care, Partners in Hope Award is given at the Annual Employee Recognition Dinner and Awards Ceremony in January. Nomination forms are available throughout the hospital, may be downloaded in a printable form for mailing, or can be completed online.

Recipients will receive a beautiful piece of artwork designed and created by a local artist.

Selection will be by the Partners in Care, Partners in Hope Award Committee composed of patients, caregivers, family members and select staff members.