Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Serving the Needs of Children With an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Families

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Child Development Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care focusing on evidence-based treatment, education, research and advocacy for children with the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our mission is to provide assistance to every child and family affected by ASD who is in need.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that is characterized by challenges in three areas: language and communication, socialization, and repetitive and ritualistic behaviors.

ASD is a spectrum disorder and the amount of support needed for each child will vary dependent upon the environment in which they live and learn.

It is estimated that ASD occurs in 1 in 54 children. Structured, comprehensive, and individualized interventions can significantly improve a child’s quality of life.

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Services We Offer

Diagnostic Assessment

If you are concerned about your child’s development or you suspect your child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Child Development Center provides an extensive evaluation. The Child Development Center will connect you with specialized autism treatment programs provided by the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Behavioral Intervention Program

This program provides a wide array of services for toddlers through elementary-aged children and their families. Services offered include:

  • Toddler and Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, ABA Team Services
  • Caregiver Coaching
  • Social Skills Interventions
  • Behavioral Consultation
  • School Consultation

Adolescent Transition Program

This program provides services for adolescents and their families as they prepare for the transition to adulthood. Services offered include:

  • Behavioral Consultation
  • Adaptive Counseling
  • Transition Planning
  • Pre-employment Training
  • Adolescent Groups
  • Project SEARCH

Autism Outpatient Psychotherapy Program

This program supports youth with mental health concerns and Autism Spectrum Disorder, with minimal language concerns, who can engage in counseling services. Services offered include:

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • School Consultation
  • Specialized Crisis Supports

Complex Behavior Program

This program works with children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities who have trouble managing their emotions and engage in intense levels of challenging behaviors. Our team can work in a safe environment to teach functional communication, tolerance and daily living skills as replacement behaviors. Services offered include:

  • Intensive Day Treatment
  • Community-Based Consultation
  • Comprehensive Family Intervention

Community Outreach and Support Services

Our Center provides a range of community outreach programs, support services and caregiver services, such as:

Our Locations

Behavioral Intervention Program
195 W. Schrock Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081 
Phone: (614) 355-7570 
(614) 355-7580

Complex Behavior & Adolescent Transition Programs
189 W. Schrock Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: (614) 355-7570
Fax: (614) 355-7580

Autism Outpatient Psychotherapy Program
500 E. Main St.
Suite #305
Columbus, OH 43215 
Phone: (614) 355-6340 
Fax: (614) 355-6347 

Meet Our Team

Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, behavior analysts, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, senior clinicians, resource clinicians, nurses and registered behavior technicians are specially trained to provide evidence-based, autism-specific care across a range of service domains and formats.

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