Behavioral Intervention Program

Nationwide Children's Hospital's Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Behavioral Intervention Program provides services to young children (ages 0-12 years) with autism spectrum disorder  (ASD) and their families. Services aim to support the child’s early development and the broad needs of their families.

Our team includes psychologists, behavior analysts, case supervisors, resource clinicians, mental health providers and behavior technicians .

We offer services in office, at home, within the community and school settings, and by telehealth.

Individual Services

Autism Caregiver Coaching (ACC Services)
  • Focuses on providing support, information, and new skills to caregivers to allow them to better meet the needs of their child
  • Provides weekly individual family sessions with topics tailored to family’s and child’s needs and priorities
  • Includes support for behavior planning and skill building
Behavioral Consultation
  • Focuses on increasing skills and reducing mild to moderate problem behavior
  • Provides 1:1 intervention with the individual and ongoing training for caregivers and providers on a range of clinical needs
  • Includes school consultation (individual, classroom, and building-wide support to school teams) and supports for community involvement
Toddler and Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (ABA Team Services)
  • Focuses on improving skills of young children, including language, social and adaptive functioning, to help them transition to a school setting more successfully
  • Provides 20-35 hours of individual intervention in the home, school, and community, as well as parent training
  • Includes school consultation and supports for community involvement

Group Services

Buddy Camp
  • 6-week summer camp program, ages 3-10
  • Aims to provide opportunities to practice social skills in a group setting with same-age peer models
  • Focuses on areas such as:
    • Building social skills and friendships
    • Participating in group activities
    • Developing recreational skills
  • Monthly 3-hour session for siblings of children with ASD and other disabilities, ages 6 to 12
  • Focuses on providing support to siblings through:
    • Fun, community building activities
    • Sharing and supporting activities
    • Problem solving activities
Social Skills Group
  • Multi-week group service, offered by age group (5-10, 10+)
  • Focuses on developing a variety of social skills including:
    • Improving conversation skills
    • Creating and keeping friendships
    • Improving communication across different relationships
Triple P Stepping Stones® (Positive Parenting Program)
  • 6-week group for caregivers of children ages up to 11
  • Includes individual family follow-up sessions
  • Focuses on preventing and treating behavioral and emotional challenges in children with ASD by:
    • Teaching strategies to prevent problems in the family, school and community
    • Creating family environments that encourage children to realize their potential
  • Topics discussed include:
    • Positive parenting
    • Managing problem behavior
    • Encouraging appropriate behavior

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Crisis Support

If you have concerns about serious injury to your child or others, call 911. Please review the "Crisis Information" tab here for mental health crisis support resources.