Eye Test: Vision Screening

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Your child is scheduled to have a Vision Screening Test using a chart with the following symbols* on it.

How to Prepare for the Test

Before you bring your child to the clinic for this test, please teach your child the name of each picture on this page. Then point to the picture and have your child tell you the name of the picture. If your child knows the picture names before the test is done, the child's vision will be easier to evaluate. If your child has problems learning the names of the pictures, tell the person who tests him or her about this when you come for the appointment.

 eye test images

*Symbols printed with permission of Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments, PO Box 123, Buffalo, NY 14240 USA

Eye Test: Vision Screening (PDF)

HH-III-44 10/87, Reviewed 3/16 Copyright 1987, Nationwide Children’s Hospital