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A Transtelephonic (trans tele FON ic) 30-day post event monitor is used when the patient has abnormal symptoms related to his or her heart beating. The device is about the size of a credit card. It is placed against the bare skin on your child’s middle chest between the nipples. It records irregular heart beats that last a little longer than a few seconds. The recordings are then sent to a monitoring company over a land line telephone to be reviewed by your child’s doctor.

This monitor will be kept by your child for 30 days. After the 30-day monitoring period you will return the device directly to the monitoring company in the Priority Mail envelope that comes with the monitor. Results will be available about 2 weeks after the monitor is mailed back to the company.

How to Prepare for the Test

Keep the monitor with your child at all times. Between events, store the monitor in its case for safety. Your child should keep doing all normal activities while using the monitor, unless his or her doctor tells you something different.

How the Test is Done

When a symptom is occurring, the child, parent or guardian is to place the monitor device in the middle of the chest between the two nipples. Press the square button in the middle of the monitor to start the recording. You will hear a steady tone; the frequency of the tone will change as the heart beats. The tone will record for about one minute. You will stop hearing the tone when the recording is complete.

Each time an event is recorded, the patient, parent or guardian is to contact the monitoring company at the telephone number listed on the monitor to send the tracing over a land line telephone. The patient, parent or guardian is to identify himself or herself and communicate the symptoms felt during recording. Place the monitor over the receiver end of the telephone (end that you talk into) and press the Send button. The tone will replay and be recorded over the telephone line to the monitoring company. The monitor will hold up to three events; however, it is advised that you send each tracing at the time it is recorded.

The monitor is to be placed into its carrying case when not in use. Keep the monitor with the child at all times.

Risks and Possible Complications

If the monitor is not working or the patient, parent or guardian has any difficulties or questions about the monitor, contact the monitoring company directly at the telephone number listed on the monitor.


Your child should perform all normal activities during the monitoring period unless the doctor tells you otherwise.

After the Test

After the 30 day monitoring period is over, use the priority mail envelope that comes with the monitor to mail the device directly to the monitoring company.

Once the monitoring company receives the monitor, a final report will be sent to your physician. The doctor will let you know the results of this test. Please allow 2 weeks from the date the monitor is placed in the US mail for these results. No results will be given during the 30 day monitoring period. The physician will make contact if any life-threatening arrhythmia occurs.

When to Call

If you have any questions about your child’s test, please call the EKG Office at (614) 722- 5561 or the monitoring company at the telephone number listed on the monitor itself.

Transtelephonic Monitor Looping (PDF)

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