Mepilex Ag Dressing

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Mepilex® Ag is a soft spongey grey foam pad that has silver within it. The foam dressing (bandage) shields the wound and the silver helps to kill bacteria. This protects the wound from getting an infection. The pad does not stick to the injured skin but does stick to the uninjured skin around it. Gauze is used to cover the pad for drainage and protection.

  • The Mepilex® Ag foam dressing can stay in place up to seven days.
  • Only the outer dressing (gauze bandage) needs to be changed each day.
  • Keep the dressing dry.


  1. Gently clean the wound with a mild soap making sure all the injured skin is removed.
  2. Rinse with clean water. Pat the wound dry with a clean dry cloth.
  3. Cut the Mepilex® Ag to cover the wound including an additional inch to overlap onto the skin surrounding the wound. You may need to use silk tape to secure the edges.
  4. Cover the pad with dry gauze. This is the outer dressing that will be changed daily or as directed by the doctor.
  5. Wrap with Kerlix™ wrap or a Conform® stretch bandage.

After the Mepilex® Ag and outer dressing are placed your child may return to normal activity unless otherwise stated by the doctor.

Changing the Outer Dressing

Change the outer dressing daily or as directed by your doctor.

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Set up all the needed supplies.
  3. Carefully remove only the stretch bandage and outer gauze dressing. Put them in a bag or wrap them up in newspaper. Throw this into the garbage.
  4. Check to make sure the Mepilex® Ag is covering the burn wound.
  5. Observe the wound area for signs of infection (see Signs of Infection listed on page 2).
  6. Cover with dry gauze and wrap with either Kerlix™ or Conform®.

Signs of Infection

  • Skin around the wound is red, swollen or feels warm.
  • There is a bad smell coming from the dressing.
  • There is pus-like drainage.
  • There is a rash is surrounding the wound.
  • Your child has a fever:
    • At or above 101°F if taken by mouth.
    • At or above 102°F if taken by rectum.
    • At or above 100°F if taken under the arm.

When to Call the Doctor

Call the Burn Clinic at (614) 722- 3910 if:

  • The dressing has become saturated (completely full of fluid).
  • The Mepilex® Ag pad has fallen off.
  • You child’s pain has increased.
  • Your child has any signs of infection (see Signs of Infection listed above).

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your child’s doctor or nurse.

Mepilex® Ag Dressing (PDF)

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