Fluorescein Angiography

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Fluorescein angiography (FLOOR e seen angi OGRA fee) is a simple diagnostic test. Fluorescein, a yellow dye, is either injected into the bloodstream through a vein in the hand or arm and/or taken by mouth as a drink. This test will give your health care provider more information about the health of the retinae (back layer of the eye) and the optic nerve.

Preparing for the Test

At the clinic, you will be asked general health questions. Your child will then have a quick exam to test their vision. Their eyes will be dilated. This helps get the best test results.

  • Have your child eat and drink plenty of water before the test.
  • Contact lenses must be removed before dilation and the test starts.
  • Tell the health care provider if your child is allergic to
    • fluorescein
    • iodine
    • shellfish
    • sulfa antibiotics
    • any medicines
    • latex

Also, tell the health care provider if your child has a history of chest or breathing problems or is pregnant or breastfeeding.

During the Test

  • The health care provider will decide which way of giving the dye, (by mouth or by IV) is best for your child.
  • You will have the test explained to you fully and have a chance to ask questions. You will then be asked to sign a consent form agreeing to the test.
  • After the dye is given, the nurse will take pictures of your child’s eyes. The number of pictures taken depends on how the dye is given, by mouth or IV.

Possible Side Effects

  • Your child’s skin will look yellowish for 6 to 12 hours after the procedure. Your child’s urine will turn bright yellow for 24 to 36 hours after the procedure. These normal reactions will go away after one or two days.
  • Redness, pain or swelling at the injection site can sometimes occur.
  • Allergic reactions, although rare, can occur. For this reason, emergency staff are available.
  • In rare cases, nausea, vomiting and skin rashes can occur.

After the Test

  • Your health care provider will go over the results with you and make treatment suggestions if needed.
  • Have your child drink a lot of fluids. This helps flush the dye out of your child’s system.
  • Your child may go back to their normal activities and diet right away.
  • If you have any questions, call the Eye Clinic at (614)722-4076.

Fluorescein Angiography (PDF)

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