Contrast Enema

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Contrast solution makes the large intestine (bowel) and part of the small intestine show up on the X-ray picture.

How to Prepare for the Test

Note: The person who schedules the test should call the Radiology Department at (614) 722-2351, option 2 for more information on preparing for the test.

Special instructions:



How the Test Is Done

Contrast enema test

  • Explain to your child what will happen during the test. The nurse and technologist will help you do this.

  • In the fluoroscopy room, your child will be asked to change into a gown.

  • Your child will lie on a long table (Picture 1). The underwear will be removed and a soft rubber tube will be placed in his or her rectum.

  • The contrast solution will then be put into this tube. Your child's abdomen (tummy) will feel full for a little while.

  • The radiologist will then take pictures of the intestines with a large camera above the table. The camera will not touch or hurt your child. He will be asked to lie in different positions during the test.

  • After these X-rays are completed, your child will go to the bathroom to release the contrast solution. Then, another picture will be taken.

After the Test

  • Your child may eat his regular food and resume normal play.

  • Your child’s next few stools may be loose.

  • Call your child's doctor if your child has difficulty passing stools.

  • The report of the test will be sent to your child’s doctor. The doctor will discuss the results of the test with you.

Contrast Enema (PDF)

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