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A circumcision (sir cum SI zhun) is surgery to remove the foreskin (extra skin) from
around the end of the penis. 

Your baby will be awake and will have an injection (a shot) at the base of the penis to
numb the area.  He may also be given a sugar water solution (Sweet-ease®) by mouth to prevent discomfort.

What to expect after surgery

The penis may be wrapped with Vaseline-soaked gauze.  The gauze will fall off on its own and may be left off.  After 24 hours if the gauze has not fallen off, it should be removed.

There are usually no stitches with this procedure.

  • There may be some swelling that will go away in about 4 days.
  • There may be bruising in the area.

Home care after surgery

Change diapers often.  Rinse the area with water and apply Vaseline to the head (tip of the penis) and circumcision line with each diaper change.  Do this until healing is complete (about 2 weeks).

Avoid using commercial diaper wipes.  These contain alcohol which will be painful to the healing penis.

It is important to be able to see the entire head (Picture 2) with each diaper change.  After about one or two days following surgery, if you do not see the head, gently push the
skin back until the entire head is exposed
.  You may have been advised to do this
during the time of circumcision teaching. 

There are NO restrictions for the use of car seats.  Your child should ride in his car seat
as usual.

Do not give your baby a tub bath until the penis is all healed (about 2 weeks).  He may have sponge baths until then.

When to call the doctor

Call your baby’s doctor if:

  • It is very hard to comfort your infant.
  • Your baby has a fever over 101 degrees F.
  • There are more than a few drops of blood on the penis or diaper.
  • Redness starts to spread from the tip up the penis toward the abdomen (belly).
  • There is pus-like drainage or foul odor from the penis.
  • There are fewer wet diapers than before.
  • You cannot see the glans (Picture 2) of the penis after 2 weeks of healing.


  • If your baby’s circumcision was performed in Urology Clinic your child will have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks.Please call 614-722-6630 with questions or concerns.
  • If your baby’s circumcision was performed by a neonatologist please call his pediatrician for questions or concerns.
  • In an emergency, call 911.

Circumcision Gomco (PDF)

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