Travel Bag for Trach Care

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You will need a travel bag to take along every time you take your child out of the house. This includes going to school, the store, or even room to room.

Short Trips

Pack a large purse, diaper bag, or a child’s backpack to keep all the supplies in one place. Have it ready to take with you every time you leave. Unless your child needs the mist collar more often than when sleeping, the travel kit is all you need, even for all-day trips.

Put these things in the travel kit for short trips:

  • Extra trach tube (still in package) in the same size
  • Extra trach tube in smaller size
  • Suction machine and suction catheters
  • Extra trach ties
  • Mucus specimen trap
  • Ambu bag
  • Clean scissors
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Facial tissue
  • Extra Humid-Vents
  • Small bottle of sterile saline
  • Cell phone
  • Child’s medical history

Overnight Trips

For overnight trips, take all the equipment with you. For overnight trips take the short trip travel kit and add:

  • Compressor and mist collar

 Travel Bag for Trach Care (PDF)

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