Innocent Heart Murmurs in Children

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A heart murmur is an extra sound heard while listening to the heart. An innocent heart murmur is caused by blood flowing through a normal heart (Picture 1). It is not caused by heart disease and is harmless. Innocent heart murmurs are common in children and usually disappear before the child becomes an adult. These murmurs can also be called ‘functional murmurs’, physiological murmurs’, or ‘vibratory murmurs’.

How innocent murmurs are diagnosed

An innocent heart murmur can usually be diagnosed based on your child’s history and physical examination. Sometimes other tests may be needed.

What this means

  • A child with an innocent murmur has a normal heart and does not need to restrict any activity.
  • An innocent murmur may get louder with activity, exercise, or sickness. It is not harmful to your child.
  • Your child does not need treatment or medicine.
  • Your child’s doctor or our clinic staff can answer any other questions. You can call the Cardiology clinic at 614-722-2530.

Innocent Heart Murmurs in Children (PDF)

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