Enema: Child Life Coping Skills & Planning

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Starting an enema regimen can be an overwhelming task. The Child Life team have many ways to help your child have a better experience coping during their enema routine. Below are tips to better guide your plan. There is space in the printable PDF below for you to write down the plan that works best for your family.

Before the Enema

  • Find a calm space to do the enema every time.
  • Create a routine by doing the enema at the same time and place each day.
  • Talk to your child about how much they want to participate in the enema regimen.
  • For example: Your child will help, want a countdown, or do something distracting
  • Establish roles before starting the enema.
  • For example: Your child will take deep breaths or do something that distracts them.
  • For example: The parent will measure the medicine and give the enema.

During the Enema

  • Take deep breaths using bubbles or pinwheels or pretending to blow out birthday candles.
  • Have your child do or watch something that distracts them.
  • Use a stress ball or another item your child can squeeze.
  • Have comfort items available
  • Do something that relaxes your child.

After the Enema

  • Give an award after finishing the enema.
  • Give LOTS of praise.
  • Go back to what was happening before the enema.

If all else fails, take a set time break (5 to 10 minutes) and try again.

Enema: Child Life Coping Skills & Planning (PDF)

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