Suctioning the Nose – Human-Powered Nasal Suction Tube

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Human powered nasal aspirator

This nose sucking tube (nasal aspirator) uses human suction to clear your child’s nose and the back of the throat (Picture 1). It is best used for infants and children who are too young to clear their own noses. Human suction lets you control how fast air moves through the tubing. This helps to better clean mucus out of your child’s nose and throat.

How to Use

suctioning your child's nose
  1. Make sure you have a new, clean filter in your aspirator.
  2. Lay your child down on a safe surface, like a changing table or the floor.
  3. Put the large tube gently against your child’s nose. Do not insert or force the tube into the nose.
  4. Use the mouthpiece to gently suck mucus out of your child’s nose (Picture 2).
  5. Throw away the filter, and wash the aspirator with warm soap and water. Put a few drops of alcohol in the small tubing.
  6. Put dried pieces back together. Make sure to put in a new filter.

 When to Use

  • Before you feed your child when he or she has a stuffy (congested) nose
  • Before naps and bedtime to help your child breathe more easily
  • Anytime your child has a problem breathing due to a runny or congested nose

When to Call the Doctor

  • If your child seems to be breathing faster and harder
  • If your child is having problems breathing (respiratory distress)
  • If your child is having problems eating or drinking

Suctioning the Nose with a Human-Powered Nasal Suction Tube (PDF)

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