Use of Electronic Devices

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Cell Phone Volume and Talking

  • Cell phones may not be used in areas where they might disrupt patient care equipment. All patients, family members, and visitors must turn off cell phones in these areas. Signs will be posted, or hospital staff will tell you where cell phones may not be used.
  • Ring tones should be set to vibrate in patient care areas at all times and in public areas between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Please do not talk on a cell phone while also talking to a hospital staff member. This includes doctors, nurses, and admission staff.

Taking Photos and Recording in Public Areas

Photos or recordings in public areas where patients are located, including halls and waiting areas, are not allowed unless supporting a valid business purpose approved in writing by hospital management. Taking a photo or recording of staff or other patients and families without their permission is also not allowed.

Taking Photos and Recording in Patient Care Areas

  • In patient care areas, photos and recordings of patients may be taken only if supporting a valid business purpose approved in writing by hospital management. You must also have the approval of the patient’s parent or guardian.
  • When camera use is allowed, the camera must be battery-operated. No tripods or extra light sources are allowed.
  • Hospital staff members may not be included in any photos or recordings taken by patients, family members, or visitors.
  • If you have any concerns about photos or recordings that anyone may have taken of you or a family member, please tell a hospital staff member.

Other Considerations

Hospital staff has final rights and may ask families to stop photographing or recording for any reason.


Use of Cell Phones and Electronic Devices (PDF)

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