Dental Injuries: Follow-Up Care

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If your child has had a serious dental injury, it is important to follow-up with your child’s dentist.

Types of Dental Injuries

Why follow-up is so important

  • We may not be sure of the outcome of a dental injury for a few months.
  • Even if the tooth does not hurt right after the injury, it may still need treatment and check-ups.
  • If a patient does not follow up, permanent damage to the tooth, or even tooth loss, may occur.


  • When a child with a dental injury receives timely care and proper treatment, the chance of tooth loss is reduced.
  • It is very important for all tooth injuries to be diagnosed and treated as soon as the child can be seen.
  • With prompt and proper follow-up care by a dentist, future problems, such as pain, infection, loss of teeth, and high-cost treatments may be prevented.

For more information, please contact the Dental Clinic at (614) 722-5650.

Dental Injuries: Follow-up Care (PDF)

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