Respiratory Viral Panel PCR (RVPP) and Film Array Viral Panel PCR (FARVPP)

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The Respiratory Viral Panel PCR (RVPP, said like R vap) and Film Array Viral Panel PCR (FARVPP, said like FAR vap) are tests that help your child’s doctor to identify different viruses and bacteria. One of these two tests will be chosen based on your child’s doctor’s preference. Only one is necessary since they test for the same viruses. Your child’s health care team uses these to find out what is causing the child’s illness.


If your child is very congested he may need to have his nose suctioned or blow his nose before the procedure. Your child should lie on his back. If he cannot be still, he may need to be helped to hold still to prevent movement that could injure him or compromise the test results.


The padded end of a long cotton swab (similar to a Q-tip) will be placed inside your child’s nose and held there for 10 seconds. This procedure does not usually hurt, but it can be uncomfortable. This test is done at the bedside. Family members may stay in the room during the procedure.

After the procedure

  • To prevent the spread of potential viruses, your child will stay in his or her room right after the procedure.

  • Some of the viruses the RVPP/FARVPP test can identify are spread by breathing in airborne germs or touching an infected person. Healthcare providers who enter your child’s room will be wearing a gown and a mask to protect your child from germs and help prevent the spread of germs. They will clean their hands with a gel hand sanitizer when they enter and leave the room.

  • Diet and activity are not restricted. Your child may eat and drink as usual.

Your child’s doctor or nurse will discuss the results of the test with you within a day or two, possibly sooner.

If you have any questions, please ask your child’s nurse or doctor.

Respiratory Viral Panel PCR (RVPP) and Film Array Viral Panel PCR (FARVPP) (PDF)

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