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Body System: Reproductive–Male

Picture 1 - The male reproductive system.
Image of male reproductive system

The male reproductive system consists of several external organs (on the outside of the body) and internal organs (inside the body).  An enlarged drawing and other diagrams are on page 2.

Parts of the Reproductive System

The major parts of the reproductive system are:

Penis - the organ that urine and sperm (seminal fluid) go through to the outside of the body.

Foreskin - a loose fold of skin covering the head of the penis.  It may be removed during a surgical procedure called circumcision.

Testicles (testes) - 2 walnut-sized organs that make sperm cells.  The sperm unites with an egg from a woman for a baby to begin.

Scrotum - the sac located on the outside below the penis that holds the testes.

Urethra - the tube that goes from the urinary bladder through the penis to the outside.

Vas deferens - the tube that carries sperm from the testes to the urethra. Sperm move through the penis to the outside during ejaculation.

Prostate gland - a gland that is inside the body at the base of the urethra. It secretes fluid that helps sperm move more easily.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your doctor or nurse.

Picture 2 - The external reproductive organs.
Image of male reproductive system
Picture 3 - The internal reproductive organs.
Image of male reproductive system


Body System: Reproductive–Male (PDF)

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