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Gastroenterology Motility Fellowship

Mary Kay Miller
Education Program Administrator
Phone: (614) 722-3474

About the Gastroenterology Motility Fellowship

The Center for Advanced Research in Neuromuscular Gastrointestinal Disorders (C.A.R.I.N.G) at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, is accepting applications for their twelve month fellowship in motility training. 

The program is fully approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and fellows receive official certification upon completion of their training.  Graduates from the program are currently directing motility centers and programs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Calgary and Montreal.

Fellowship trainees will attain extensive training in a number of techniques, some of which are unique to Nationwide Children’s Motility Center.  These include:

  • Anorectal, antroduodenal, colonic, and esophageal manomety, using high resolution and traditional techniques

  • 24 hour impedance pH Monitoring (Multi-Channel Intraluminal Impedance pH Monitoring)

  • Wireless Motility Capsile

  • Botox for anal and pyloric sphincter

  • Gastric Pacing and Sacral Nerve Stimulation

  • The only rumination inpatient rehabilitation program in the U.S.

  • Electrogastrography

  • Electronic barostat

Over 400 patients are referred to the Center and 500 tests are conducted every year.

Our Team

Fellows work in conjunction with a strong team which includes staff dedicated exclusively to the Center.  The team includes a pediatric psychologist, pediatric nurse practitioner, 3 registered nurses, Administrator, Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, and Research Assistants all of whom are available to support the trainee.

Learn more about our motility physicians.


Motility Fellows are provided the opportunity to choose, in conjunction with the Program Director, either clinical or basic science research.  On-going motility research programs are conducted by International Scholars and research faculty and at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Research Institute and the Ohio State University College of Medicine. They provide mentorship with research opportunities including protocols for children and neonates.

There are open clinical trials with NIH funding and infrastructure to facilitate collaboration with other disciplines and national and international motility centers. 

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