Hospital Medicine Fellowship

Hospital Medicine Fellowship

Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine offers an ACGME accredited two-year Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program develops academic pediatric hospitalists who are experts in the care of hospitalized newborns, children, and adolescents with acute or chronic illnesses.

Graduates of this program will be leaders in the following areas:

  • Innovation, collaboration and provision of high quality and efficient care to hospitalized pediatric patients
  • Research and quality improvement
  • Education of patients, families, trainees and colleagues

What You Need to Know


Year One

Year Two

Hospital Pediatrics Inpatient Service – 6 weeks

  • Includes Hospital Pediatric Consultative Service

Hospital Pediatrics Inpatient Service – 10 weeks

  • Includes Hospital Pediatric Consultative Service

Complex Care Service – 2 weeks with option to extend to 4 weeks

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit – 2 weeks with option to extend to 4 weeks

  • Includes Surgical Co-Management

Nursery Service – 2 weeks at The Ohio State University

Palliative Care – 2 weeks

Sedation Rotation – 2 weeks with option to extend to 4 weeks

Infectious Disease Service – 2 weeks with option to extend to 4 weeks

Community site rotation – 4 weeks

Research, Quality Improvement – 16 weeks

Research, Quality Improvement – 16 weeks

Individualized Curriculum – 17 weeks 
Individualized Curriculum – 16 weeks

Individualized Curriculum (2 week blocks)

Clinical Offerings Nonclinical Offerings

Hospital Pediatrics Specific*

  • Teaching Service
  • Neuro Co-Management Service
  • Rheumatology Co-Management Service
  • Behavioral Health Service
  • Safety Officer/Consult Service
  • General Medicine Attending Only Service

Research, Quality Improvement

  • Additional dedicated research or QI time for robust ongoing project work – requires program director and research mentor approval
Antibiotic Stewardship Medical Education Innovation
Low Acuity NICU Clinical Informatics
Emergency Medicine Clinical Guideline Development
Medical Toxicology

Longitudinal Leadership Experience

Infectious Disease Inpatient* or Consultative Service  
Complex Care Inpatient Service*  
Palliative Care and Hospice*  
Nursery Service*  
Radiology/Interventional Radiology  
Physical Medical and Rehabilitation Inpatient Service  
Pediatric Surgery  
Child Abuse  
Renal/Endocrine/Genetics Inpatient Service  
Gastroenterology Inpatient Service  
Cardiology Inpatient Service  
Hematology/Oncology Inpatient Service  
Psychiatry Inpatient Service  
Delivery Room  
Global Health Medicine  

*Additional clinical weeks beyond what is required in the core curriculum


Second year fellows in good standing are eligible to moonlight in urgent cares and community hospital settings.

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Track – 8-10 total weeks during PHM Fellowship

Required Clinical Experiences

Selective – up to 4 additional weeks per year:

Service at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

  • 2-3 weeks General Medicine
  • 1 week Consult Service
  • 1 week Medication Assisted Therapies (MAT consults) – opioid abuse disorders


  • Additional time on any of the required clinical experiences
  • Medical oncology
  • Cardiology service
Individual Shifts (7 shifts spread throughout the year occurring during research blocks) or as consecutive weeks in place of an elective


  • Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
  • IR Procedure Service
Adult consults at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Diversity and Inclusion

The Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship values diversity because we know diversity improves patient care and enhances our educational mission. We are committed to an inclusive work environment and the recruitment and retention of diverse physicians into our program.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Learn how Nationwide Children's intentionally recruits a diverse workforce with a focus on candidates who are Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM)

Learn about our Nationwide Children's URiM Visiting Resident Rotation

Hear From Our Faculty

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. We all play a part in creating an inclusive environment. In turn, we all reap benefits -- our patients and families receive safe, excellent care, and we collectively evolve into more well-rounded, nimble, and effective physicians. When we adjust the care we provide, health systems, and education to accommodate our patients and families who prefer languages other than English, all of our patients benefit, and our systems are safer and achieve higher quality outcomes.”

Cara Texler, MD, MPH
Hospital Pediatrics Medical Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

“It has been a wonderful experience working at Nationwide Children's Hospital as a Pediatric Hospitalist. The Pediatric Hospital Medicine fellowship program has a warm and welcoming leadership team and I enjoy interacting with the fellows and fostering a positive learning environment. As a Hispanic woman in the division, I feel valued and appreciated and we are actively seeking to diversify our division on every level. The HP division is a community of people who are there for each other, always offering a helping hand. With many opportunities for personal and professional growth and development, I can’t think of a better place to practice.”

Sofia Davila, MD, FAAP
Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Scholarly Projects

Fellows are required to engage in scholarly projects during fellowship and produce a written work product to the American Board of Pediatrics at the end of fellowship training. Fellows have project support in the form of a specific research curriculum, project mentorship, scholarly oversight committee and dedicated research months as outlined in the curriculum.

Examples of written work products: 

  • Peer-reviewed publicationdoctor looking at tablet
  • In-depth manuscript describing the completed project
  • Thesis or dissertation written in connection with an advanced degree
  • An extramural grant application that has either been accepted or favorably reviewed
  • A progress report for projects of exceptional complexity, such as a multi-year clinical trial

Published Fellow Projects

Faculty & Fellows

team picture

Meet Our Faculty  Meet Our Fellows

Hear From Our Fellows

“The individualized curriculum within the Pediatric Hospital Medicine fellowship at Nationwide Children's Hospital allows a fellow to tailor their education and training to prepare for the career they want. For example, leadership is an important aspect of being a pediatric hospitalist, so participating in the longitudinal leadership curriculum helped to further develop my leadership skills, in addition to having the opportunities to learn from leaders within the division and institution.”

Ashleigh Slemmer, MD

“This course (Quality Leadership Academy) was key to building a strong foundation in Quality Improvement tools and methodology. Not only did it give me and my co-fellow a chance to design and implement our own QI project, it also provided key support to help make our project successful.

The Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) was great at helping me hone my research skills. It is great to hear feedback from a variety of faculty to help make my academic projects stronger. I received targeted and broad feedback to help me successfully move my projects forward and be a successful academic fellow.”

Karen Allen, MD

“The educator essentials course has been a great way to develop a foundation in curriculum development and medical education scholarship. The face time with leaders in medical education at nationwide is invaluable. I like that the course is complemented not only with the principles in curriculum development and Med Ed scholarship, but also with other aspects of being a leader in academic medicine such as how to effectively facilitate small group sessions, how to build a career in medical education, etc. Overall, it has been a really great experience.

As a Med Peds fellow, the individualized curriculum component of fellowship has been essential. I have been able to rotate on the internal medicine floors at Ohio State and have been able to do as much or as little time as I want there. I love how flexible the scheduling has been with regards to the individualized curriculum; being able to make changes as needed throughout the year has been really helpful. Lastly, program leadership has been very supportive with creating new electives to help meet fellows’ goals for fellowship.”

Kathryn Connor, MD

Additional Educational Opportunities

Educator’s Essentialsdoctor giving patient high five

This 6-month program focuses on foundational knowledge of clinical teaching and curriculum design, while cultivating educational leadership and career development. Participants are required to complete an experiential project – curriculum, course evaluation, assessment tool development/validation, etc.

Quality Leadership Academy

QLA prepares future Quality Improvement leaders. During this 6-month course, participants learn how to identify areas for improvement, design interventions to address gaps between current and desired outcomes, collect and analyze performance data, report outcomes, and sustain results. Participants are expected to lead a quality improvement project during this course.  

Advanced Degree

Fellows may pursue an advanced degree with approval. Ideally, interest should be identified at the onset of the fellowship. Competitive funding is available through Graduate Medical Education.

View More Educational Opportunities for Fellows

Salary & Benefits

Our Fellows are hospital employees, and as such, they are eligible for the same benefits other full-time staff receive (with the exception of paid time off, which is outlined.)

Click here to learn more about Fellowship benefits.

Application & Selection

The Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital participates in the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) within the Medicine and Pediatric Subspecialities Match. Starting in July, applications can be submitted via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)

After applications are received, our fellowship recruitment committee will complete a holistic review of applications and then invite candidates to interview, with interviews taking place from September to early November. Important NRMP dates, including the Rank Order List Certification deadline and Match Day can be found at the NRMP website.

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Dr. Liao standing with patient

For more information, please contact:

Monica Many
Program Coordinator
(614) 722-3019

Nancy N. Liao, MD
Program Director

Megan Coe, MD
Associate Program Director

Quality and Safety Leadership Fellowship

The two-year clinical fellowship in Quality and Safety Leadership can be pursued concomitantly with other clinical fellowships at Nationwide Children’s.

For example, trainees in a three-year clinical fellowship program can participate in the Quality and Safety Leadership fellowship during the second and third years of their clinical fellowship. (Fellows may stay one year beyond their clinical training if they start the quality fellowship during their final clinical fellowship year.)

Fellows will graduate with a Master of Business Operational Excellence (MBOE) from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

Please direct specific questions to the Quality and Safety Leadership program coordinator, Rhonda Colborn. Or if you have questions on how it relates to your clinical fellowship, contact your fellowship program coordinator.

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