Complex Care Fellowship

Complex Care Fellowship

The Complex Care Fellowship prepares the next generation of academic pediatricians to treat children and young adults with medical complexity.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital's Division of Complex Care is accepting applications for its two-year fellowship in Complex Care. An optional third year may be pursued to obtain a master’s degree.

The Complex Care Fellowship program is designed to prepare pediatricians for an academic career in Complex Care through training in the diagnosis and management of complex, chronic medical conditions; the conduct of research; and the development of teaching skills.

Fellowship Program Goals:

  • Clinical Care: to train complex care fellows to provide comprehensive and family-centered care for children and young adults with medical complexity.
  • Research: to train complex care fellows in research and quality improvement methods in order to advance evidence-based care for individuals with medical complexity.
  • Advocacy: to prepare complex care fellows to effectively advocate for children and families affected by complex, chronic conditions.
  • Teaching: to prepare complex care fellows to participate in the education of other healthcare providers and trainees.
  • Leadership: to train complex care fellows for leadership roles within the medical field.

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What You Need to Know


The two-year fellowship in Complex Care will allow ample time to experience a broad range of opportunities and to obtain focused training in an area of interest. In addition to participating in all aspects of our core Division programs (Complex Healthcare Program, Cerebral Palsy Program, Comprehensive Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Program, and the Inpatient Service), fellows will gain experience in palliative care, peri-operative care, and aspects of developmental and behavioral pediatrics. A scholarly product is expected, and excellent mentorship opportunities are available. Nationwide Children’s offers a longitudinal program in research skill development which will be incorporated into fellowship training. The Complex Care fellow will find peer collegiality through a variety of regularly structured educational and training groups. There is an opportunity to obtain a master’s degree (MPH, MSc, Med) during a potential third year of fellowship.

The general training timeline for the program is below, which can be tailored to the candidate’s interests. If the candidate is selected to pursue a master’s degree during an optional third year, there will be additional research time and the clinical schedule will be extended over three years.

First Year

  • Inpatient: 3 months
  • Outpatient: 8 months
  • Research: 1 month

Second Year

  • Inpatient: 2.5 months
  • Outpatient: 7.5 months
  • Research: 2 months

Clinics & Programs

The Division of Complex Care provides and coordinates care for children and young adults with medical complexity. This includes patients who often have neurologic and/or genetic conditions that result in functional impairment, have serious chronic multi-system co-morbidities, and who are medically fragile, resulting in the use of extensive health care resources with frequent unplanned admissions and ED visits. The Division of Complex Care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital consists of four main programs:

The Fellow will also have the opportunity to spend time and train in other clinical areas, including:

  • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Palliative Care
  • Peri-operative Care
  • Wound and stoma care
  • Myelomeningocele Clinic
  • Early Development Clinic
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Clinic
  • Sialorrhea Clinic
  • Metabolic Bone Clinic
  • Muscular Dystrophy Clinic
  • Leukodystrophy Clinic
  • Sleep Clinic
  • Adult and Pediatric Down Syndrome Clinic
  • Adult Autism Clinic
  • Heinzerling (residential care)
  • Others per trainee’s interest

Research & Academics

The expectation will be one scholarly project submitted for publication by the completion of fellowship. Although the fellowship is designed as a two-year experience, fellows will be encouraged to apply for a Master’s degree at OSU (MPH, MEd, MSc, etc) through the Department of Pediatrics. If they are accepted into a program, the Complex Care fellowship will be extended to a three-year term.

The Complex Care fellow is expected to participate in one of the division’s quality improvement projects.

The following didactic opportunities are available for the Complex Care fellow:

  • Complex Care core lecture series
  • Cerebral Palsy lecture series
  • Complex Care provider meeting
  • Grand Rounds
  • Fellow Research series (NCH-wide)
  • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics lecture series
  • Palliative Care journal club
  • Physical Medicine journal club / case discussion
  • North American Complex Care Fellow Rounds

Diversity & Inclusion

Nationwide Children's and the Complex Care Fellowship view diversity as the uniqueness each of us contributes to achieving our shared mission and goals. We recognize and value different perspectives, characteristics, experiences, and attributes of each individual in creating an environment where we thrive on and benefit from our differences.

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Salary & Benefits

Fellows training in graduate medical education and dental education programs sponsored by Nationwide Children’s Hospital are employees of the hospital and as such are eligible for the same benefits that other full-time staff receive, with a modified paid time off policy.

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Fellowship at Nationwide Children's

Application & Selection

Fellowship candidates will be expected to graduate or have graduated from an ACGME accredited Pediatrics or Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program and to be pediatric board eligible or certified.

Interested applicants should email the below application materials directly to the fellowship director:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Personal statement

Additional candidate information and letters of recommendation will be requested during the selection process. Please submit applications and direct all inquiries to our program coordinator at


For more information, please contact:

Laurie Glader, MD
Program Director

Capitol Mitchell
Program Coordinator
(614) 722-5848