Clinical Training


Inpatient motility (1 month block)

  • Admit all motility patients and arrange plan of care with attending.
  • Write admission notes and follow-up on clean-out and care during At- Home Call and Saturday rounds (not to exceed 80 hours per week).
  • Sign out all motility patients on a daily basis to the motility fellow on call and GI residents on call.
  • Prepare patient for OR / procedures (consent, catheters, NPO status, antibiotics, etc.), if needed and follow patient to IR.
  • Call schedule includes being available by beeper
  • Review motility tracing with the in-charge attending and discuss results with the team
  • Present results to family as a team with attending
  • Present the cases on Friday morning
  • Attend IR procedures (cecostomy)

Outpatient / Consult / Impedance  (1 month block)

  • 3 half days of clinic every week with Dr. Di Lorenzo, Dr. Mousa and Dr. Punati (to include gastric pacing, and motility)
  • Admit and follow all impedance patients
  • Manage motility / impedance consults from inpatient services or ED
  • Follow-up patients with rumination with Psychologist, Dr. Anthony Alioto and attending


  • 2 half days of each week will be devoted to research and writing
  • Expectation to have the research idea by end August, abstract by early December and one completed and another prospective paper in progress by the end of the year
  • Submit internal grant application by the end of September

Acquiring the skills to perform motility testing

The minimum number of each diagnostic motility test that a trainee must perform to attain the cognitive skills required to perform the test effectively are listed below:

Study Type Threshold # for competence
Esophageal pH monitoring 20
Rectal biopsy 5
Fiber endoscopic study of swallowing 5
Interpretation of video swallowing studies 20
Esophageal motility 20
Antroduodenal motility 25
Restech 10
Barostat studies (if interested) 10
Interpretation of significance of scintigraphic measurement of gastric emptying 20
Anorectal motility studies 20
Smart Pill 10
Colonic manometry 25
Colonic transit 10
Injection of botulinum toxin in the pyloric channel 5
Treatment of anal achalasia with Botulinum toxin injection 5
Gastric pacing 10

Didactic and Conference Attendance

  • Fellows are required to attend all motility lectures except when they have approved time away
  • Competency Core lectures (If not completed during residency)
  • Weekly Clinical and Translational Research Seminar Series