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Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship

Mark W. Hall, MD - Program Director
Markita Suttle, MD - Associate Program Director
Jennifer Muszynski, MD – Associate Program Director for Research

Tricia Brown - Program Coordinator
Phone: (614) 722-3436

About the Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship

Our PCCM Fellowship program offers a comprehensive training experience with a diverse clinical service, a structured research experience, and a thorough academic curriculum. Upon successful completion of the program, the fellow has met the training requirements for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine certification by the American Board of Pediatrics.

The Intensive Care Units at Nationwide Children's Hospital includes 40 PICU beds and 20 Cardiothoracic ICU beds, combining for more than 2,726 admissions per year. Led by 19 critical care faculty, our PICU team cares for children from all hospital services, surgical and medical. Our cardiothoracic ICU is led by a team of eight cardiac intensivists, many with dual certification in cardiology and critical care medicine. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, Level 1 trauma and burn care, and surgical management of complex congenital heart disease are among the treatments available to patients at Nationwide Children's Hospital along with heart, lung, heart/lung, kidney, and bone marrow transplantation.

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, our on-site state of the art research facility, is in the top 10 in NIH funding among children's hospitals and serves as a home to more than 160 principal investigators engaging in basic, translational and clinical research. Additionally, our academic association with The Ohio State University allows for myriad research and clinical collaborative opportunities.

The three-year training program is divided into 19 clinical months, 15 research months and two elective months. The block schedule for the entire training program is weighted toward clinical time in the first year with more research time and flexibility in the second and third years. Research months are all call-free. On-call time is spent exclusively in-house and will be no more than every fourth night on average. We are committed to providing a supportive learning environment through strict adherence to the duty hours limitations set forth by the ACGME.

Our Outcomes are Among the Best in the Country!

Nationwide Children's Hospital has consistently held the lowest severity-adjusted mortality rate among our peer institutions in a national benchmarking database. This means many children who would be predicted to die—by their initial illness severity—don't. There are many reasons for this, including outstanding multidisciplinary teamwork; innovative yet evidence-driven practice; and a culture of quality and safety that permeates the PICU. 

Creating a safe day every day is a core value in our everyday work. Patient safety is especially important. Our PICU nosocomial infection rates are among some of the lowest in the country despite the size and acuity of our unit. Check out our PICU by the Numbers infographic.

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