Research and Innovation

The Section of Critical Care Medicine is a leading presence in the field of critical care research. Three tenure-track faculty members  (Drs. Mark Hall and Jennifer Muszynski) form a core of researchers focused on the immunobiology of critical illness. Dr. Hall is the Principal Investigator of an NIH-funded clinical trial of immunomodulation following critical trauma in children.  In addition, multiple clinical faculty members engage in investigator-driven local and national clinical research in areas such as pediatric brain injury, hypothermia, glucose control, DKA, ALI/ARDS, and antibiotic use.  Lastly, a robust Quality Improvement research program is in place with strong emphasis on evidence-based, scientifically conducted QI initiatives.

A list of current, ongoing research and QI topics by investigator include:

  • Learn more about Dr. Hall and his immune research in critically ill children
  • Immune monitoring in pediatric influenza:  Dr. Mark Hall
  • Mechanisms of immune regulation in pediatric sepsis:  Dr. Jennifer Muszynski
  • Transcranial doppler measurement in pediatric critical illness:  Dr. O’Brien
  • Antibiotic use in the pediatric ICU:  Dr. Karsies
  • Reduction of preventable harm in the pediatric ICU:  Drs. Khan, Ayad, and Lee
  • Echocardiographic evaluation of cardiac function during ECMO support:  Dr. Yates
  • The use of in-situ simulation as tool for pediatric critical care education:  Dr. Maa
  • Therapeutic hypothermia following pediatric cardiac arrest:  Dr. Lloyd (site Principal Investigator)
  • Calfactant for ALI/ARDS in immunocompromised children:  Dr. Chase (site Principal Investigator)
  • Intubation safety in the pediatric ICU:  Dr. Lee (site Principal Investigator)
  • Glucose management in critically ill children:  Dr. Lee (site Principal Investigator)