Meet Our Fellows

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional

Julie Dillard, MD

  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Research/Scholarly Project:The Regulation of Pulmonary Vascular PDE3 by the NO pathway
  • Mentor: Bernadette Chen, MD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Travel, outdoor activities, spending time with family
  • Fellowship Dates: 2017-2020
Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional

Avante Milton, MD

  • Hometown: Columbus, OH
  • Medical School: University of Cincinnati
  • Research/Scholarly Project:Effects of DDAH1 SNP on Nitric Oxide Metabolism in Neonatal Cord Blood Lymphocytes
  • Mentor: Jennifer Trittmann, MD, MPH
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Spending time with my family, OSU football, going to dinner or to the movies, board games
  • Fellowship Dates: 2017-2020
Dr. Pavlek

Leeann Pavlek, MD

  • Hometown: North Olmsted, OH
  • Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Research/Scholarly Project:Assessing the impact of maternal inflammation and postnatal hyperoxia on heart development
  • Mentor: Lynette Rogers, PhD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Spending time with my boyfriend and family, exercise, hiking, shopping, trying new restaurants/breweries
  • Fellowship Dates: 2017-2020
Maria Ferara

Maria Ferrara

  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
  • Medical School: The University of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Research/Scholarly Project: Translational research measuring antimicrobial peptide expression in neonatal urine and its utility as a diagnostic marker for neonatal UTIs
  • Mentor: Brian Becknell, MD, PhD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Travel, hiking, skiing, reading
  • Fellowship Dates: 2016-2019
Chris Regan

Chris Regan, DO

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Medical School: Rocky Vista University COM
  • Research/Scholarly Project: Role of the ErbB family in the activation of EGF/EGFR signaling pathway, leading to vascular remodeling in hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension
  • Mentor: Leif Nelin, MD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Spending time with my wife and kids, running, skiing, camping, hiking, trying new restaurants and breweries
  • Fellowship Dates: 2016-2019
Hevil Shah

Hevil Shah, MD

  • Hometown: Auburn, GA
  • Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
  • Research/Scholarly Project: Dysphagia and motility disorders research with the Neonatal and Infant Feeding Disorders Program
  • Mentor: Sudarshan Jadcherla, MD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Spending time with the wife, traveling around the world, taking photographs, watching movies, trying new places to eat
  • Fellowship Dates: 2016-2019
C Briana Bertoni

C. Briana Bertoni, MD

  • Hometown: Owego, New York
  • Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York
  • Research/Scholarly Project: A Quality Improvement Based Approach to Improving Resident Resuscitation Skills in the Delivery Room and NICU
  • Mentor: Tom Bartman, MD, PhD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Family, my dogs, exercise, soccer, snowboarding
  • Fellowship Dates: 2015-2018
Kristopher Rosburg

Kristopher (K.C.) Rosburg, MD

  • Hometown: Fountain Hills, Arizona
  • Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine
  • Research/Scholarly Project: The role of the Src Family Tyrosine Kinases in endothelial apoptosis associated with acute lung injury
  • Mentor: Leif Nelin, MD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Watching movies, reading, hiking, mountain biking and discovering new restaurants/places in Columbus
  • Fellowship Dates: 2015-2018
Kristen Benninger

Kristen Benninger, MD

  • Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
  • Medical School: University of Toledo College of Medicine
  • Research/Scholarly Project: The spectrum and neurodevelopmental outcomes of intracranial venous thrombosis and infarction in infants and children
  • Mentor: Nathalie Maitre, MD
  • Interests Outside of Fellowship: Buckeye football, running, reading, Brutus, exploring new restaurants and breweries, Urban Meyer, Script Ohio
  • Fellowship Dates: 2015-2018