Didactic Curriculum

Learn more about our Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship didactic curriculum.

Core Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Didactics

DBPeds Essentials
  • Description: This is the core curriculum for the DBP fellowship based on the ABP content specifications for DBP.  Topics presented are chosen to reflect the areas of emphasis of the DBP board examination and are revised regularly based on the results of DBP board and in-training examination scores.  Presentations are given by faculty from DBP and other subspecialties.
  • Frequency: 3x/month
Wednesday Morning Fellow Didactics
  • Description: Didactic sessions are focused on clinical topics such as administration of developmental assessments, book club discussions of parent books on DBP topics, and case presentations. Twice per month the sessions are interdisciplinary with both DBP and psychology trainees attending.  DBP fellows participate in presenting cases and topics.
  • Frequency: 4x/month
Journal Club
  • Description: Discussion of relevant journal articles led by DBP faculty and fellows. Fellows present once each year of training.
  • Frequency: 1x/month
Interdisciplinary Care Conference
  • Description: Interdisciplinary case discussions with Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Adolescent Medicine fellows and faculty. Fellows rotate presenting cases.
  • Frequency: 1x/month
DBP-Psychology Inter-professional Conference
  • Description: Interprofessional case discussions with DBP faculty and fellows, psychologists, social workers, and nurses.
  • Frequency: 1x/month

LEND Didactics

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Developmental Disabilities
  • Description: LEND course covering the latest information about developmental disabilities across the life span from a variety of perspectives. The course is team-taught by an interdisciplinary group of faculty from Ohio State and Nationwide Children's Hospital. A focus of the course is to demonstrate the complexity of developmental disabilities and the resulting need for an interdisciplinary perspective in understanding, preventing, and providing supports and services to persons with developmental disabilities
  • Frequency: 1x/week, fall semester 2nd year
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Description: LEND course providing an introduction to ASD from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course goal is to develop knowledge and analytical skills necessary to comprehend and formulate an interdisciplinary framework relating to evaluation, intervention, and support for children and adults with ASD.
  • Frequency: 1x/week, spring semester 2nd year
LEND Leadership Seminar
  • Description: Seminars are focused on critical maternal child health leadership competencies and public health and policy concerns. Seminar includes didactic presentations, faculty- and trainee-led discussions, and directed practice related to the development of leadership skills. 
  • Frequency: 1x/week, 2nd year

GME Required Didactics

Fellowship Core Competency Lecture Series
  • Description: GME conferences that address topics that relate to all fellows in various areas of training. Examples of topics of these conferences include Conflict Management, Finding Your First "Grown-up Job," and Understanding Physician Burnout.  Sessions are available for Video on Demand viewing. ***
Clinical & Translational Fellows' Research Series
  • Description: Monthly conference aimed at clinical fellows (from all disciplines) to address fundamental concepts in research training (e.g. Statistics, Navigating the IRB).  This is a rolling, 18-month curriculum such that fellows can have a chance to hear all topics at least twice in a three-year fellowship. This series is part of the weekly Clinical & Translational Research Seminar which includes presentations of original research such as the Bench to Outcomes Seminar Series (BOSS).  The Fellows' Research Series presentations are required for fellows, and others are optional. Sessions are also available for Video on Demand viewing. 
QI Education
  • Description: Two hour course outlining NCH's approach to QI. Required for all fellows

Other Didactic Opportunities

Pediatric Grand Rounds
  • Description: Hospital-wide conference that is geared towards all general pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists. Various topics are presented weekly by local and nationally acclaimed experts in the field of pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties.
  • Frequency: 1x/week
Psychology Internship Seminar
  • Description: Speakers from various disciplines of psychology discuss relevant topics and highlight research and developments within psychology. Series is focused on psychology interns.  DBP fellows are welcome.
  • Frequency: 1x/week
Psychiatry Grand Rounds
  • Description: Clinical and research presentations pertaining to adult and/or child & adolescent psychiatry. Conference is held at OSU.  Recorded versions are available for viewing topics applicable to DBP.  Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds are held at NCH approximately 4 times per year.
  • Frequency: 3x/month