Administrative Fellowship

Administrative Fellowship

The two-year joint Administrative Fellowship provides training in a private nonprofit, pediatric teaching hospital and a state-operated, academic medical center.

Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center offer a joint Administrative Fellowship to provide training in a private non-profit, pediatric teaching hospital and a state-operated, academic medical center.

Exposure to the two dynamic organizations not only enables the fellow to gain experience from different management styles, but also the intricacies of different governance structures, medical staffs, financial systems, operations overview and organizational designs.

During the two years, the fellow participates in top-level management and is encouraged to develop skills in problem-solving by participating in management projects and conducting research in areas such as health care management, policy and services. In addition to administrative responsibilities, the fellow will be exposed to the governing boards and senior medical staff members of both hospitals, and self-assessment and professional development.

What You Need to Know

What Does The Fellowship Offer?

  • Exposure to decision making at the board, corporate, and executive levels.
  • Administrators are accessible to and supportive of the fellow.
  • Excellent opportunity to participate and gain experience in a wide range of health system activities.
  • Excellent opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills through the observation of senior leaders and through leading teams and projects.
  • Focus on leadership training experience in administrative roles.
  • Encouraged to use principles learned in graduate program and to transfer learning to others.
  • Projects are of mutual benefit, allowing the fellow to choose projects that meet his/her learning needs as well as the needs of the organization.
  • Both preceptor-driven and fellow-driven.
  • Opportunity to work independently and as part of team. 
  • Two-year fellowship with active preceptor involvement.
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“The diverse project work throughout both years of the fellowship combined with observing strong leadership in action, having solid mentorship and an engaged fellow alumni has prepared me for the opportunities I have pursued in the enterprise.”

Elena Chiappinelli, 2011-2013 Fellow

What Does the American College of Healthcare Executives Recommend?

  • Exposure to management decision making processes.
  • High degree of preceptor involvement including career counseling. Committed, knowledgeable, skillful, and professionally mature preceptor.
  • Preponderance of opportunities, active involvement, substantive projects.
  • Ability to observe leadership and develop own leadership skills.
  • Treat as a professional and colleague, not as a student or intern.
  • Integrate healthcare management theory and application.
  • Offer opportunities based on goals of both fellow and organization. Maximum and effective use of fellow's time.
  • Evaluation sessions to measure growth and development. Timely, candid, outcome-oriented evaluations by preceptor and other leaders.
  • Experience lasts at least 12 months.
  • Management staff respects and supports the objectives of the fellowship.

“Every day, I tap into the skills, connections, and knowledge about processes that I have developed throughout the joint administrative fellowship, and I am confident that these experiences and the support of both preceptors has been a huge contributor to my success.”

Cailin Falato, 2015-2017 Fellow

Application & Selection

The Nationwide Children's Hospital and Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Joint Administrative Fellowship meets all of ACHE's criteria to participate as a program. Our goal is to find a candidate who will be the best fit for the organization and will benefit most from the experience.

The fellowship begins in July of each year and extends over two years – the first year at Nationwide Children’s and the second year at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

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For more information, please contact:

Negin Alizadeh-Rad
First Year Fellow

Tyler Tumberg
Second Year Fellow
(614) 722-4598