Fellowship Rotations

4-Week Rotation 3rd Year 2nd Year 1st Year
Block 1 Research Research Outpatient
Block 2 Research Research Inpatient
Block 3 Research Research Outpatient
Block 4 Research Research Inpatient
Block 5 Research Research Outpatient
Block 6 Inpatient Consult/Research Research/Inpatient Consult Research
Block 7 Research Research Inpatient
Block 8 Research Research Research
Block 9 Research Research Inpatient
Block 10 Inpatient Consult/Research Research/Inpatient Consult Clinical Lab/Radiology
Block 11 Research Research Inpatient
Block 12 Inpatient  Research Outpatient
Block 13 Research Research Inpatient
Continuity Clinic All 3 years Thursday afternoons: 1:00 - 5:00pm

1st year

2nd and 3rd years

Six 1/2 day clinics per week with faculty 

One 1/2 day clinic per week with faculty

Monthly On-Call Schedule 

During the Inpatient or Outpatient rotations, fellows will take Call on average about 6 weeknights per 4-week block.  During Research rotations in the second and third year, Call averages 2 weeknights per 4-week block.  Fellows cover 1 weekend per month for all 3 years.