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Nationwide Children's Hematology/Oncology/BMT is committed to advancing both basic and clinical research. The division maintains active membership in the Children’s Oncology Group and the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Consortium, and is a research member of the International Blood and Marrow Transplant Registry. The division is also involved in other clinical research efforts aimed at improving bone marrow transplant outcomes. Hematology, Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplant works hand-in-hand with the Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases to expand the understanding of childhood cancer and to improve strategies for its diagnosis and treatment.

Approximately 74 percent of eligible oncology patients are enrolled in clinical trials at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, making the division one of the leading cancer centers for clinical trial enrollment by the Children’s Oncology Group.

For a list of our 90+ open clinical trials, click to download below. To enroll a patient or to speak with a clinical research staff member, please contact:

Melinda Triplet, RN
(614) 722-6039


Amy Yekisa
(614) 722-6570


Multi-Center Study for Adolescents with Melanoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma or Other Solid Tumors Undergoing Lymph Node Mapping

A Phase 1 Window, Dose Escalating And Safety Trial Of Metformin In Combination With Induction Chemotherapy In Relapsed Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

A Phase 1 Trial Of Dose Escalation Of Metformin In Combination With Vincristine, Irinotecan, And Temozolomide In Children With Relapsed Or Refractory Solid Tumors

Phase I, Traditional 3+3, Trial of PO Sorafenib and Topotecan in Refractory or Recurrent Pediatric Solid Malignancies

Personalized Medicine: Pediatric Total Cancer Care Protocol

A Phase I Dose Escalation Study Of Intratumoral Or Intravenous Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Mutant Hsv1716 In Patients With Refractory Non-Central Nervous System (Non-Cns) Solid Tumors

AEWS1031: A Phase III Randomized Trial for Initial Treatment of Non-metastatic Ewing Sarcoma

ACNS0332 Efficacy of Carboplatin Administered Concomitantly With Radiation and Isotretinoin as a Pro-Apoptotic Agent in Other Than Average Risk Medulloblastoma/PNET Patients

ACNS0334 A Phase III Randomized Trial for the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Supratentorial PNET and High Risk Medulloblastoma in Children< 36 Months Old

ACNS0831 Phase III Randomized Trial of Post-Radiation Chemotherapy in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Ependymoma Ages 1 to 21 years

ACNS0821 Randomized Phase II Screening Trial for Recurrent/Refractory Medulloblastoma/CNS PNET of Childhood

AALL0932 Treatment of Patients with Newly Diagnosed Standard Risk B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) or Localized B-lineage Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (B-LLy)

Treatment for Steroid Resistent Acute Graft Versus Host Disease


Head Start 4 Clinical Trial

Nationwide Children’s is currently conducting a new study for children with brain tumors. Enrollment is now open for the Head Start 4 Clinical Trial.  

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