Lowes Lab

As part of the Center for Gene Therapy the Lowes Lab supports clinical trials in rare diseases. Almost always, there are not validated outcome measures or sufficient natural history data. We collect clinical trial readiness data to evaluate current outcome measures. We also create novel outcome measures if a suitable measure isn't available.

Lab Staff

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional

Linda Pax Lowes, PT, PhD 
Principal Investigator

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Nationwide Children's Researcher

Lindsay Alfano
Research Physical Therapist

I have expertise in the care and evaluation of patients with neuromuscular disease including outcome measure development, evaluation, and administration.  I play an integral role in planning and designing clinical trials, and contribute to protocol development, outcome measure selection, statistical analysis, and interpretation of ongoing clinical trials.  In my current role, I have co-developed novel outcomes including ACTIVE and ACTIVE-mini systems, 100-meter timed test, and the Neuromuscular Gross Motor Outcome.  My career goal is to elevate the standard of care for individuals with neuromuscular disorders by providing training and mentorship to physical therapists working in the field, as well as developing and promoting optimal assessment tools to measure change in movement abilities while minimizing the burden of testing for patients and families.

Nationwide Children's Researcher

Natalie Miller
Research Physical Therapist

Natalie Miller, DPT has been a member of the Lowes Lab since 2015. Her interests are focused on improving clinical trial readiness in neuromuscular disease. Research projects include outcome measure development in children and adults with neuromuscular disease as well as defining the natural history of rare disease subtypes to inform upcoming clinical trials. She is a member of the international training team that serves as the gold standard for clinical evaluator training and reliability in neuromuscular disease clinical trials. She has presented internationally and has served as a consultant for projects in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Nationwide Children's Researcher

Megan Iammarino
Research Physical Therapist

Team focus on outcome measure development and outcome measure selection for clinical trials. Clinical care in NCH Muscular Dystrophy Association, spinal muscular atrophy, charcot-marie tooth, and neuromuscular clinics. Principal investigator for study investigating maximizing treatment benefit in children treated for spinal muscular atrophy using in-home body weight support harness systems.

Nationwide Children's Researcher

Brenna Powers
Physical Therapist

Brenna has been working as a Physical Therapist in the Lowes Lab since June 2019. Working in the Lowes Lab includes development and selection of outcomes measures for clinical trials, as well has collecting data regarding the natural history of neuromuscular disease progression. She has presented at the national level. Brenna specializes in the care of persons with neuromuscular disorders.

Nationwide Children's Researcher

Kiana Shannon
Physical Therapy Aide

Kiana has been with the Neuromuscular Physical Therapy team since September of 2019, and she helps the team in any way she can. Kiana has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Mississippi College and is interested in all research related to exercise and human physiology.