Center for Child Health Equity and Outcomes Research (CCHEOR)

Advancing child health and well-being through research.

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Working in the Center for Child Health Equity and Outcomes Research

Center for Child Health Equity and Outcomes Research

The mission of the Center for Child Health Equity and Outcomes Research is to advance child health and wellbeing through research in and across clinical care, health services, health policy and community initiatives.

We aspire to lead the nation in groundbreaking research that produces:

  • Equitable and best outcomes for all children
  • Vibrant communities
  • Flourishing families
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The Abigail Wexner Research Institute is ranked among the top 10 for NIH funding among free-standing children's hospitals.

Innovation Goals

Investigators at the Center develop and test new health service delivery systems in partnership with pediatricians and Nationwide Children's Hospital to succeed in the following goals.

  • Partnering with the Hospital and other pediatric organizations to identify opportunities to improve care for children and families at risk.

  • Developing new or modify existing information or communication technologies for implementation in pediatric healthcare settings.

  • Testing the cost-effectiveness of such technologies in improving care.

Center Research Focuses on Improving Care

  • For children and adolescents with depression or suicidal ideation

  • For children and adolescents with clotting disorders

  • For children and adolescents with drug use

  • For children and adolescents without routine preventive care services

Collaborations and Partnerships

Training Engagement

Enhancing the training of future population health and equity researchers is a priority for the center, and CPHER regularly recruits for and helps contribute to the following training engagement programs:

At Nationwide Children's Hospital

At The Ohio State University

  • Interdiscplinary Training in Health Development (NINR T32, College of Nursing pre-doctoral fellowship)
  • Medical Scientist Training Program (NIH/NIGMS, College of Medicine MD-PhD program)
Deena Chisolm

Meet Deena Chisolm, PhD

Through the center, Dr. Chisolm and her team have been able to improve health equity by identifying where there are inequities and sharing them with the people who have a role in reducing them.