Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families

Where you live.

How safe your neighborhood is.

Educational opportunities.

Health care accessibility.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, with our partners, recognize all these factors impact communities’ overall health. That’s why the Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families (HNHF) initiative started in 2008.

This initiative, composed of faith-based organizations, community development organizations, youth-serving nonprofits and local public schools, seeks to create positive health outcomes in the community.

The focus is on revitalizing Columbus’ South Side, the area around Nationwide Children’s, to support the health and well-being of children and families living in the 43205, 43206 and 43207 zip codes.

The HNHF initiative targets five impact areas: affordable housing, education, health and wellness, safe and accessible neighborhoods, and workforce development.


Impact Areas: A Closer Look

Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Affordable Housing Affordable Housing

Giving more people access to affordable housing — by eliminating vacant, blighted properties and increasing homeownership— is the cornerstone of HNHF.

Learn More about Affordable Housing Initiatives 


Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families EducationEducation

The HNHF initiative supports a number of programs to improve educational outcomes focused around school readiness and mentorship.

Learn More about Education Opportunities


Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Health and WellnessHealth & Wellness

Nationwide Children’s works to improve access to health care through community and school-based services.

Learn More about Health & Wellness Programs


Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Safe NeighborhoodsSafe & Accessible Neighborhoods

Partnering with neighborhood and community stakeholders, the HNHF initiative works to improve the safety of South Side residents.

Learn More about Neighborhood Safety


Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Workforce DevelopmentWorkforce Development

Work readiness training, career development and experiential learning are available to help residents obtain stable employment.

Learn More about Workforce Development Programs

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