Workforce Development

A crucial part of neighborhood revitalization is the opportunity to obtain stable employment at a livable wage. Our goal is to reduce unemployment and poverty in our community by creating pathways to employment at Nationwide Children’s and other area employers.

Work readiness training, career development and experiential learning are available for residents. More than 800 residents of HNHF zip codes are employed at Nationwide Children’s.

Featured Programs

Transitional Job Model

In partnership with Community Properties of Ohio (CPO), this program provides job coaching and job-readiness preparation skills to help promote success in the workplace. Employees receive real-time feedback on successes and on how to respond to challenges. Those who successfully complete the program are offered a job. 

Job Fairs and Workshops

Nationwide Children’s hosts job fairs to connect residents to employment opportunities. Workshops are also held on professional development topics such as communication, job interviewing and resume assistance.

The Residences at Career Gateway

The Residences at Career Gateway on the South Side provides 58-units of affordable apartments and townhomes, along with on-site career development training. View the information below for career training provided through our Career Gateway Academy.

South Side Career Homes

Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s proposal for “South Side Career Homes” was named as a contract awardee in Phase 1 of Fannie Mae’s Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge (The Challenge). The project will include affordable housing within one mile of the hospital and integrated healthcare workforce training that goes beyond entry-level jobs. Job coaching assistance and recruitment/retention support of rental candidates with average median income below 80 percent will be provided. South Side Career Homes is a partnership between Nationwide Children’s, Community Development for All People and Goodwill Columbus Workforce Development.

Career Gateway Academy

Nationwide Children’s offer free, on-site training classes at the Residences at Career Gateway for its tenants and all South Side residents. The program’s training classes are designed to help advance your career and develop skills that are important in any job.

Academy Workshops

Gateway to Employment Series

The Gateway to Employment series is designed to build skills that will help you succeed in any job. This is a 4-week series that should be taken together and in the order presented. Classes in this series are offered each month.

After completion of all four classes in this series, participants are guaranteed a job interview with a Nationwide Children’s Hospital recruiter.

  1. Gateway to Employment Orientation - The foundation of the series. This course will prepare participants to be successful students and provide tools to maximize every learning opportunity.
  2. Working Well With Others - All working environments require effective interaction with others. This course will introduce four behavioral styles and participants will learn tools and strategies to effectively communicate and interact with others.
  3. Customer Service - This interactive session is intended to develop and improve participants’ skills for providing outstanding service to customers and co-workers.
  4. Conflict Management - Conflict is present in any organization. When managed effectively, it can lead to improved outcomes. This course provides participants with an understanding of why conflict exists, various conflict resolutions styles, and techniques for guiding conflict conversations. 
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Computer Skills

These classes will help you become comfortable with typing and using a computer and how to create documents, including a resume and budget.


In this 6-week course, participants will learn the touch method of keyboarding using a personal computer keyboard as well as document processing for personal letters and memos. Emphasis will be on speed and accuracy as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation.

How to Create a Resume (Microsoft Word)

Participants will learn how to create a resume using Microsoft Word. The course will explore the program environment, creating a resume document and basic editing and formatting.

How to Create a Budget (Microsoft Excel)

Participants will learn how to create a budget using Microsoft Excel. The course will explore the program environment, creating a spreadsheet document and basic editing and formatting.

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Job Readiness

These classes will help you prepare for interviewing and getting a job.

How to Make a Good First Impression

This interactive class will help you learn how to put your best foot forward. Get tips to be confident in a job interview and other workplace settings.

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The Residences at Career Gateway Training Center

747 E. Whittier St., Columbus, OH 43206

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