World-Class Neuromuscular Research. Extraordinary Training Opportunities.

The Nationwide Children's Neuromuscular Disorders Program and its clinical and research activities are part of the Center for Gene Therapy. Program faculty and staff collaborate closely with scientists and clinicians at The Ohio State University through the Center for Muscle Health & Neuromuscular Disorders and through the shared training programs outlined below.

Those interested in any of the opportunities should email Ashley Madeley, administrative support lead in the Center for Gene Therapy, for additional information.

Current Training Opportunities

Clinical Training Programs

  • Nationwide Children's offers a clinical training opportunity in pediatric neuromuscular medicine within the structure of the ACGME-approved Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship program of The Ohio State University Department of Neurology. This trainee primarily works at Nationwide Children’s.
  • Trainees with experience or interest in gene-based therapies for neuromuscular or neurologic disorders may participate in the GME-approved Gene Therapy Fellowship at Nationwide Children’s. This program is designed to train clinician-scientists to transform basic advances into the next generation of novel therapies for patients. 

Programs Available to Both Clinical and Laboratory Trainees

Laboratory Training Programs

Other Training Opportunities

Additional clinical and laboratory-based training opportunities for doctorate students and postdoctoral scientists be arranged within the Center for Gene Therapy and Neuromuscular Programs. If interested, please email a specific faculty member in the Center for Gene Therapy directly, or email Kevin Flanigan, MD, director of the Center for Gene Therapy.